” Internet +” change the Chinese society share the economy into the golden age pretty rhythm

" Internet +" change Chinese social   share economy into the golden age – the media – people.com.cn original title: share economy into one of the passengers on the Gansu Lanzhou golden age use network about cars APP online payment fare. Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Bin and she gave birth to Xu Jun (Xinhua News Agency) drawing: Pan Xutao not long ago, the company announced that drops travel network about cars, the acquisition of Uber (excellent step) China brand, business, data and all other assets. Although so far the Ministry of Commerce has not yet completed the relevant investigation, but the transaction itself, attracted wide attention. It is generally believed that this marks the Chinese travel industry to enter a new stage of development. In fact, sharing travel is only part of the economy. Share the economy, this year for the first time in the "government work report". Including institutional innovation to promote the sharing of economic development, building a shared platform, as well as to support the sharing of economic development, improve resource utilization efficiency, so that more people involved in the rich". By definition, the share economy refers to the use of the Internet and other modern information technology integration and sharing massive decentralized idle resources to meet the diverse needs of economic activities. Although it is a new concept, but the volume of economic sharing is not small. According to the National Information Center released China share economic development report 2016, estimated that in 2015 China’s share of the economic market size of about 19560 yuan, the total number of people involved in economic activities has been more than 500 million people. More people look forward to is to share the economy in China is still in the stage of rapid growth, is facing an important turning point from start to take off. Rapid growth, open innovation in China, almost all areas have emerged to share the economic model of innovative enterprises, and even some innovation in the world are in a leading position. According to the report sort, according to the sharing of objects, then share the economy at least six areas, China has a representative enterprise. One is the product sharing, such as automobiles, equipment, toys, clothing etc., on behalf of a bit of travel; two is sharing space, such as housing, offices, parking spaces, such as land, on behalf of the pig short rent; the three is to share knowledge and skills, such as wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience, on behalf of the pig net, net four is known; labor share, mainly concentrated in the life of the service industry, on behalf of the beaver, aunt is coming; five is the capital share, such as P2P lending, the product of all the chips, to raise public equity, on behalf of Jingdong to raise the public, such as Lu Jin; six is the production capacity sharing. Mainly as a cooperative mode of production, including energy, factories, agricultural equipment, information infrastructure, on behalf of Shenyang machine tool factory I5 intelligent CNC system, the Alibaba "Amoy factory", WiFi master key. Most of these companies have a very fast pace of development. To the pig short rent, for example, only in 2015, the total number of houses on the same period in 2014 grew by more than 350%, the transaction volume grew by over 500%. Behind the crazy growth, but also has a reasonable driving force, users vote相关的主题文章: