In the 11th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Tang Dynasty monk Nanyue huai incubus

In the 11th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Tang Dynasty monk Nanyue huairang Jackson died on Hunan Nanyue Mo Jingtai (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Li Baohua) in September 11, 2016, the 11th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, is the Tang Dynasty monk Nanyue huairang Jackson death anniversary. Nanyue huairang (677 ~ 744), the Tang Dynasty monk. Lay surnamed Du, Jinzhou health (now Shaanxi Hanyin), also known as monk dahui. A monk at the age of fifteen, once the Xi law, after the reference for students of Caoxi, liuzu Huineng, the sixth patriarch left paternity around fifteen years, liuzu died after huairang Jackson began Xuanzong congenital two years (713) live in Hunan Nanyue Prajna Temple Guanyin, promote Huineng doctrine, then open a series of the world, Nanyue huairang said. Let the law with respect to law with Jackson Qingyuan for thinking (called "Qingyuan") and called "Nanyue", the same as the two largest flow in zen. Many disciples, after the stream of Matsu Road, Jackson, later developed into the Rinzai, Wei Yang sect 1952, Huang Bo etc.; another two cases and huairang Jackson method flow system. Tang Xuanzong Tianbao three years August 11th, huairang Jackson died, life sixty eight, yoshimune posthumous ", this is the" great wisdom "monk Dahui quotations" world bank. The historical records, with twenty-three year old monk to pay homage to Henan, Anhui Jackson, soon to visit Guangdong sixth. When we first met, he asked: "where?" Huairang Jackson replied: "from Songshan to monk." He asked: "what things here?" Let Jackson not reply immediately. The thirty-one year old patriarch to enlightenment, said: "I have a meeting." He asked: "how are you?" His answer was: "that is a matter that is wrong." He asked: "the need to repair the card?" His answer was: "practice is not, that is not contaminated." He then said: "this is not polluted by all of the Buddhas have you read, if yes, I also like is." The professor then concerns, with fifteen years of paternity liuzu. Liuzu Huineng master disciples, "Jingde chuandeng recorded" and "authentic transmission method" is a inheritance of forty-three people, "Sutra" said his ten, "Zutangji" is a list of eight people. One of the most famous are Qingyuan Xingsi, Nanyue huairang, Heze, Nanyang, Yongjia, God xuanjue five, well after all into one, and the two most Qingyuan mountain, Hong Sheng, the number after the transfer to Yan Wei Yang two, the Rinzai school, the number of pass after Qingyuan Cao Dong, Cloud Gate, fayan three faction, formed five Zen pie, called "a five".相关的主题文章: