Illegal storage houses thousands of pieces of fireworks for most of the three products

Illegal storage houses thousands of pieces of fireworks for the most three products of western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Gong Qian) holiday approaching, Xi’an police have stepped up to the district safety investigation efforts, just yesterday (September 27th), Changan branch of the police found more than 1 thousand and 450 boxes of fireworks in several houses, young street in the inside, found no sale of the leiwang. In a warehouse in Changan District Nongza company fireworks base, the reporter saw all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers seized, compared with other regular fireworks, the fireworks on the packaging in addition to big commodity name, simply can not find qualified certificate, and address of the manufacturer are also vague, police told reporters that most are three products. Xi’an Changan District agricultural miscellaneous company staff: not formal channels to come, it is not qualified for this quality, there must be a safety problem when the discharge." Xi’an Changan Public Security Bureau order brigade police Cao Zhaohai: "there is a part of the state banned LEIWANG, like the gun, there are some spill exposed directly, also salute this is absolutely not allowed, gun fire belongs to the spill sensitive material, the heat will cause an explosion." According to the police, yesterday afternoon, the police in the streets of the Ming calf investigation, go to the bell village a slope, found at the remote idle farmyard strange. The police found Cao Zhaohai: "packing boxes of fireworks, we further verification, found a lot of fireworks in the houses, the adjacent two courtyards were found more than 960 pieces." According to the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" in the management of fireworks firecracker storage shall not exceed 30 of the residents of the home storage box, not more than 3 boxes of relevant provisions, at present, the police have the more than and 900 boxes of fireworks withheld. In yesterday’s investigation, the police station in the Ming Du Zhang Lei Wan Cun and seized more than and 480 boxes of fireworks. The police yesterday, the two seized suspected illegal storage of explosives involved suspects are weddings and funerals shops operators, they quietly carrying fireworks in the night, thinking that they can escape the eyes of law enforcement officers, did not expect or planted. Police Cao Zhaohai: "in the Changan District safety supervision department for the fireworks sales permit, but in order to obtain huge profits from the fireworks into the formal channels rarely, private contacts, into a lot of non formal channels of fireworks stored in their own home for sale, wholesale and retail." Currently, the three suspects Lei, Wang, Lee has been detained according to law, the collection of fireworks will be scheduled for destruction.相关的主题文章: