Iasi high speed attack this winter first snow is more than and 20 days earlier than usual (Figure) ( www.277.cc

Iasi high speed attack this winter first snow is more than and 20 days earlier than usual (Figure) November 8th morning, Iasi high-speed Liziping tuowu mountain snow began to. In the morning, snow covered highway is thin. According to the Iasi high-speed three brigade police, the first snow this winter has been more than and 20 days earlier than usual, because the snow has not yet formed, no traffic control, the normal passage of vehicles. December will enter the "winter tube" through these sections should pay special attention to the winter snow and ice, prone to fog weather phenomenon, Iasi high-speed since December 1st of this year will enter the 3 month "winter management period", mainly for Iasi high-speed road to Yingjing Yihai "winter period, tube daily at 6 pm to 8 am the next day no, 7 seats or more passenger cars, more than three axle truck traffic. Iasi high-speed traffic police to remind the driver, in the "winter management period" to be especially careful Tuo Tuo fog, snow and ice in the dark. It is reported that the Iasi expressway, and sooner or later rain prone Tuotuo fog sections are: longcanggou to Daxiangling tunnel sections, Daxiangling tunnel exit to between nine Xiang wutuo to exchange and caluo Liziping tunnel group. Traffic police reminded: encounter lumps of fog, we must slow down, keep away from the car and the car in front. If the visibility is too low, should be docked to the roadside emergency lane, turn on the emergency lights waiting for fog scattered, or in the road leading to the road traffic police. As the temperature decreases, the snow and the dark ice will also appear in the Iasi highway: North Slope Nibashan direction to Chengdu long downhill, there will be snow on the southern slope (sunny); mud mountain 4 km road will appear dark snow and ice; from Hanyuan (micro-blog) to asbestos (micro-blog) road, 3 bridge across the Dadu River the bridge is dark ice; Ya’an (micro-blog) and the Gang Road between Yingjing jizai snow and ice; Ganhaizi bridge, tunnel, iron stockade Ganhaizi tunnel three road is expected to have 20 kilometers there will be snow; the tuowu mountain to Mianning toll station about 40 kilometers prone to snow mountain tunnel, pull the chestnut; sheep, the tuowu tunnel tunnel and the tuowu river railway bridge will have dark ice. Iasi high-speed Meiqiemo snow emergency Lane occupied a snow Iasi high-speed traffic police according to past experience, with the advent of winter, as long as both sides of the road or highway snow, there will be people will be parked in the emergency Lane Iasi high-speed play snow pictures, especially in the tuowu mountain tunnel. Iasi three high-speed traffic police brigade police remind, roadside snow play totally unaware, slippery road, road vehicle may appear as sideslip and rollover. Police also reminded the highway emergency lane is the life channel, only the supply of emergency vehicles. No vehicles can be parked in the emergency lane at any time except for the breakdown of the vehicle. Otherwise, it will face a fine of 200 yuan, deduct the penalty of 6 points. Chengdu Daily reporter Jiang Lin Zhang Zhaoting (figure according to Iasi high-speed traffic police) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading this winter first snow snow distribution are predictable相关的主题文章: