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I stay up all night addiction, but you can not change a good night to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Lemon ferryman came to me, when I was having dinner. She came in and said to me, "Hi, peach." He went straight to the fridge, took a bottle of Sprite sitting next to me. "How are you today to visit the visitor?" I’m chewing the rice while casually asked her. "Not what, want to come." She calmly replied. "Hey, suddenly found that your black eye is so heavy, hard not to give up with the gentleman?" "Well, he’s very busy every day." "So you are so heavy black eye? It’s hard to get a man to run" "No, just to wait for him for a long time to wait for a long time to sleep, but he rarely returned to me." As lemon said, many people stay up late is to love people a night, then go to bed with a sweet dream, night, good. However, there are a few people really so easy to wait? You have to brush the number of micro-blog, to see how much talk, listen to how many songs to his good night? This is a question I asked in my circle of friends. Some people commented, "a lot of a lot of ah, but still can not wait." Also some people say, "are their own wishful thinking, there is no good night." Below is a large piece of +1. This topic is worth pondering. I also felt for the first time, an ordinary good night for some people, really good luxury. That happy people are never going to bed early, late person is never happy. A good night, really good luxury is a friend around me is like this. She is busy every day to learn, work, write papers, catch. The amount of work per day is far more than the physical load, tired dog. But she is always in the middle of the night for their own cup of bitter coffee, holding the phone waiting for her boyfriend, good night, good dream. Sometimes waiting for her to go to sleep, several times in the night to wake up. We can not see a few girls, and advised her not to wait, he does not care about you, why bother to stay up all night. Well, yes, she was only 20 years old, but he looks like her appearance, stay up long time has made her skin is no longer with the collagen. She is not a person, persist for a long time, until one day, her boyfriend sent messages over and said, "don’t say goodnight, I think we do not fit, I love to look young, energetic girl." For a long time, she locked himself at home, did not come to class, did not return information. We found her, she was sitting in her bed, unkempt, face a decadent, Lian also sunk very gaunt cheeks. She cried and said that in order to wait for him to care about, do not know how much the cost of youth, wasted much traffic, really good sad. She had so many nights to get addicted, but couldn’t wait for a good night. At this moment, I feel相关的主题文章: