Hunan will develop the school food safety management measures to implement the responsibility system stand by me shinee

Hunan will develop the school food safety management measures to implement the responsibility system the original title: Hunan will formulate measures for food safety management school recently, Hunan Province Office of Food Safety Commission and other 6 departments issued a document, will further strengthen the campus and the surrounding food safety work. The provincial education department, the provincial food and drug administration according to the Ministry of education, food and Drug Administration issued the school focused on the dining food safety management provisions for school food safety management measures in Hunan province. According to the provisions of the new school campus, to implement the main responsibility for food safety management, the implementation of the food security principal responsibility system, the campus food safety as an important content of school safety, each semester to conduct special studies. Around the campus family holder meal by business operators to rear grassroots food and drug supervision department approval or filing and registration, should implement the main responsibility for food safety management process, strictly implement the requirements of the procurement of raw materials and processing, regularly carry out food safety inspection. The student cafeteria and campus catering service providers, food and drug supervision departments will focus on examination of raw material procurement, processing, cleaning and disinfection, water sanitation and other compliance requirements. For the student collective meal delivery unit, in addition to the key inspection of the above items, will also check the transportation temperature and time of the finished product is in conformity with the provisions. For the food sellers around the campus, it is necessary to check the sensory characteristics, label identification and storage conditions of the food to meet the requirements. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Fan Shi Intern Jiang Manjiao) video recommendation: college canteen food safety concerns, should improve the system, strict management

湖南将制定学校食安管理办法 实行校长负责制原标题:湖南将制定学校食品安全管理办法近日,湖南省食品安全委员会办公室等6部门发布文件,将进一步加强学校校园及周边食品安全工作。省教育厅、省食品药品监督管理局将根据教育部、食品药品监管总局出台的学校集中用餐食品安全管理规定制订湖南省学校食品安全管理办法。根据最新的规定,学校要落实校园食品安全管理的主体责任,实行食品安全校长负责制,将校园食品安全作为学校安全的重要内容,每学期进行专题研究。校园周边家庭托餐经营者要经基层食品药品监管部门许可或备案、登记后方可经营,经营过程中应落实食品安全主体责任,严格执行原料采购和加工制作要求,定期开展食品安全自查。对学生食堂和校园周边餐饮服务提供者,食品药品监管部门将重点检查原料采购、加工制作、清洗消毒、用水卫生等是否符合规定。对学生集体用餐配送单位,除重点检查上述项目外,还将检查成品的运输温度和时间等是否符合规定。对校园周边食品销售者,重点检查食品的感官性状、标签标识、贮存条件等是否符合规定。(潇湘晨报 记者范典实习生蒋曼娇)视频推荐: 高校食堂食品安全受关注 应完善制度严格管理相关的主题文章: