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Medicine Beauty Secrets of Supermodels Beauty is possible. While other blogs speak on how to lose weight, be slim etc, we teach you about how to get the perfect skin you have always yearned for in just 3 steps. In fact, models have a very strict skin regimen and they probably spend tens of thousands a year on skin care. The truth is you dont have to. Here, we will reveal beauty secrets of how certain breakthroughs in nanotechnology can help you achieve this. Step 1- Cleanse your skin This is a no brainer here. Cleanse your skin. But for goodness sake, do not use your bar of soap. That thing will dry away your skin. Be a good girl now. Put that away! Aint good for your skin. Use a simple cleanser, and work it into lather on your face, then gently remove and wash it off your face. While you have already done this, science has shown that not all cleansers get rid of bacteria totally. We will reveal what you can use to magically wipe of all bacteria. It starts here. With bacteria, acne will always pop out. Step 2 Exfoliate Exfoliation is a must. All the top supermodels include exfoliation in their skin regimen. This enhances the radiance of the skin and allows younger skin to grow. Young skin = great skin. Just look at them babies! Arent they adorable? Thats because they have soft baby young skin. Smooth and supple. There are many ways to exfoliate. You can use scrubs. Some say it has worked for them but research has shown that it may intrude the lower layers of your skin if you rub too hard. Another way is to do microdermabrasion. This may cost a bit. Microdermabrasion uses crystals that takes away old skin but at the same time may cause redness due to sensitivity. Step 3- use moisturiser Keep it simple at this step. Use moisturiser. Skin care technology breakthrough While cleansing is a must, often times cleansing is not thorough enough and exfoliation can lead to pain and skin sensitivity for 2 weeks. Imagine a technology so powerful that it cleans 5-10 times deeper and helps you to exfoliate, shed old skin without pain and invasive procedures. As of now, i believe that i have seen and felt nothing like this. This technology allows me to look younger, feel more beautiful and even erase my acne, scar marks and wrinkles. And the good thing is that it does not cost much. Dr Nicholas is skin care enthusiast and dermatologist.Very often, he is called upon as guest speakers to speak at several skin care seminars. He is also the author of several books such as Secrets of great skin revealed, secrets to making your skin glow naturallyNicholass free ebooks are jam packed with fantastic tips, articles and advice on how to get the skin you want. More recently, he is even one of the pioneers of a skin care technique that makes use of nanotechnology.Subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected] or CLICK HERE for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: