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"Sparrow" sustained hit Spy Drama to attract a young audience [Abstract] "sparrow" with fresh youth to get rid of the stereotype characters mark, the whole drama not high book spy hero, some, like Tang Shanhai Chen Shen, Xu Bicheng would hesitate to make mistakes, true to life, but also can keep the Jedi the growth of the youth revolution. Tangshan sea, Xu Bicheng sparrow _54 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment youth Spy Drama "sparrow" since its launch, the ratings will be frequently victory during the national day, continuous break 2, word of mouth is a way to go, has become the most watched Spy Drama one of the. Moment of national peril revolutionary sacrifice, their patriotism, and strong confrontation interlocking plot, are "sparrow" as the essential character of spy war drama. Different from the traditional Spy Drama, "sparrow" youth temperament is to attract a younger audience, an important reason for the formation of national catch "sparrow" boom. "Sparrow" get rid of the stereotype characters imprinted with fresh vitality of youth, the whole drama is not high book spy hero, Chen Shen, Xu Bicheng and Tang Shanhai are so true to life, will make mistakes, but also hesitant about the Jedi growing revolutionary youth. The crisis under the emotional line instead of stereotyped didactic, multi-level highlights the depth of humanity, to subvert the serious barriers to spy drama, let the young audience strong, and let the youth element play a positive energy. It is "the sparrow" injected fresh blood youth temperament for the traditional Spy Drama audience, also make special in a large number of young people look bloody, delivery history and mission to young audiences imperceptibly, faith and responsibility. "Sparrow" by thousands of film and television, Huan Rui century, more than the United States and the number of entertainment (more than the United States and television) joint production, more than the United States has always focused on the number of young entertainment users, and constantly create youth, inspirational, sunshine, positive energy works. As a "beautiful youth" series of the first works, "sparrow" by the young actor + old play bone joint cast, the young actor in plasticity and down to earth show, infuse vigor into the traditional spy drama. As the "sparrow" screenwriter Matt said: "comprehensive collocation so, before breaking the drama is drama, the youth drama is a single element of the youth drama, let the youth drama elements, elements of youth and strength of the actor." Director Jin Chen also said: "the young actor and cannot hold Spy Drama, but the drama temperament promoted…… The kind of calm young people, not middle-aged calm, this state is very special."相关的主题文章: