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Hong Kong media: Trump was elected into the Chinatown Chinese shops were smashed paint on Beijing – Hong Kong media: Trump was elected into the Chinatown Chinese shops were smashed paint on Reference News Network November 15th Hong Kong media reported that Trump won the election, many ongoing protests and conflict. It is said that some protesters put the focus of anger on the Chinese people, on the local Chinatown and many buildings and shops were painted and smashed. In the view of some anti trump people, is Chinese votes sent Trump to the presidency. According to the "Hongkong daily" quoted the website on November 14th Georgia media reports, in the U.S. presidential election, the Chinese American voters enthusiasm, many Chinese groups have chosen to support Trump, established the Trump campaign, buy advertising, parades, donations, canvassing, support him with various ways, election day voting is the number of Chinese. 3 times the last election. But in addition to Trump’s opponents, Trump’s supporters at the end of the election will also choose Chinese Americans and other people of color as the object of attack, even walking on the street would often suffer from undue abuse: "go back to Chinese". The report quoted CNN recently published an article entitled "post election report: racist slogans and hate crimes" in the article said, Trump after winning the election, extreme prejudice and hate crimes are becoming a reality, whether it is black, Muslim, Latino or Asian, to a certain extent by racism and the intrusion of hate crime. CNN more Chinese reporter disclosed just 12 hours after the election, all the ethnic discrimination information he received, including "this is not your country, this is the creation of white country" and "non whites all deported.". Reported that Chinese students studying in University of Minnesota with Kathy, 9 days in the vicinity of the campus was a white man shouting "go back to Asia", she started to get into trouble, she pretended not to hear, this man has to stop her, then two of the dispute. At this time, the side of the white man’s friend called the police. The police arrived at the scene, he put up with Cathy, and gave her a verbal warning, let her feel heart broken ", in the face of the book discloses the matter, causing tens of thousands of people concerned. The Nextshark website also cited in other cases, the netizen said: "when I buy things in 7-11, several trailing white came in, I said: ‘the white people in the United States is finally back.". The clerk asked them to leave, and they scolded the clerk as’ Laden ‘and said that they were to be crucified. I told them to get out, and they said, ‘he can speak English’."相关的主题文章: