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UnCategorized If you want to study / homestay in Queensland, Australia – before you decide to go to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or Cairns, you should take a look at the Sunshine Coast. The business capital of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, and its surrounding suburbs are home to some world-class educational facilities, and are also one of the most beautiful places in the world to live! Read on to learn about the different schools you can study at if you decide to homestay on the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore. SEA English Academy – this is possibly the best school if you’re a low-level English speaker, wanting to study a general English course. SEA Academy also offers high-quality IELTS and TOEFL courses. SEA Academy’s class-sizes are small, and the teachers are friendly and kind. You’ll receive a lot of attention and correction if you take classes there. SEA Academy has won many awards, and in addition, it’s in a very convenient location, just up the road from the biggest shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast, "Sunshine Plaza". The next option is Sunshine Coast TAFE, which has a few campuses in the area, the most popular being Mooloolaba (15mins bus from the major shopping centre "Sunshine Plaza"), and Nambour (35mins bus from the shopping centre). TAFE is a more practical education system than University, so you can expect less time studying from a text book, and more practical exercises (speaking etc). TAFE offers general English, and preparatory courses to enter university or other TAFE courses in future. The TAFE curriculum is harder than other schools, and you’ll probably have regular homework to .plete each evening too. There is a great mix of students ages and nationalities, including a lot of migrants (TAFE offers a government-supported English program for migrants to Australia, called the "Adult migrant English program"), so you can expect a diversity of opinions and a multicultural atmosphere if you study there. Finally there is Sunshine Coast university. The class sizes there are bigger than other schools, and students are generally between 18-23yrs, so there’s a fun atmosphere and lots of student clubs / events etc. The curriculum includes mainly academic English, preparing students for future study at university. If you’re considering studying in Australia, Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast has a number of great schools for you to choose from. Not many foreigners know about the Sunshine Coast yet, so the class sizes are still small, and you can experience the "real" Australia. Finally, with world-class nature all around, and lots of exciting outdoor activities to choose from, you’ll have an unf.ettable time while you’re there! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: