Henan air pollution in winter curtain has 146 super day in Zhengzhou last year zuczug

Henan air pollution in winter curtain has 146 super day in Zhengzhou last year – reporter Liu Ruizhao the Zhengzhou the middle of this month will officially enter the heating season, the most severe winter air pollution control situation, will pull the curtain. Following the introduction of the province’s winter program, Zhengzhou city also released "winter". This month until March 31st next year, this is the winter air pollution prevention and control work in Zhengzhou. Site dust pollution will continue to implement the "one vote veto system", will be prohibited for any unit and individual sales of coal in the region, the implementation of peak production of cement and foundry enterprises. For vehicle exhaust pollution, agricultural vehicles, truck speed, other heavy vehicles will be prohibited from entering the city. In 2016, the remaining two months, the city of Zhengzhou in the air pollution control, but quietly broke last year’s record. According to the 2015 Zhengzhou environmental quality bulletin, last year, Zhengzhou excellent days for 138 days. As of October 30th, the number of days in Zhengzhou this year has reached 146 days, the total number of days has exceeded last year. Air pollution prevention and Control Leading Group Office of the relevant responsible person said, this year, the average concentration of PM2.5 decline in the country ranked among the 74 cities. However, the winter air pollution situation is the most severe, and this year is not enough time for environmental protection. According to the fine days of the 195 days of the year in Zhengzhou to calculate, even if October 31st is a fine day, the remaining two months of Zhengzhou to ensure that the fine days of the 48 day, is still allowed to relax. In order to cope with the situation of air pollution in winter, Zhengzhou held a special meeting to release the winter prevention and control program. Under the program, Zhengzhou will strengthen the temporary control of adverse weather conditions. According to the results of analyzing a team of technical experts, such as forecasting the weather may be above light pollution and extreme adverse weather conditions, can be issued control instructions for the development of the county (city, district) immediately start the appropriate level of control measures and emergency response measures, take the necessary measures to reduce emissions, make the greatest efforts to reduce pollutant emissions, suppression pollution upgrade. To this end, Zhengzhou will refine pollution weather control list, selected light and moderate pollution weather control and more severe pollution and weather emergency control in key areas, key industries and emission reduction list, clearly within the jurisdiction of the list of sources of pollution, and control measures will be decomposed and refined, specific to the region, industry, enterprise, point source, production line.相关的主题文章: