Heavy fog! PA, a female artist from wages broke the news announcement verbal jint

Heavy fog! PA, a female artist from wages broke the announcement earlier as we reported before, a female artist in P.A. WORKS’s push income on their bid, the company fired the event. The recent events in the Japanese animation circle had triggered a discussion to raise a Babel of criticism of, animation artist, underpaid animation company press artist shady. Yesterday (November 4th) P.A. WORKS company also had to stand up, issued a notice on the incident. The notice said: "the risk of social workers on the social networking site payroll event, to bring you a lot of worry and distress. The agency has confirmed the facts to herself, the results of the negotiations, and the official opinion of the fraud and the two parties. First of all, it is not the fact that the agency has lifted the contract with the staff. Secondly, the disadvantages of social workers to guide the staff to delete the site account is not a fact. In an interview with the staff, she apologized to the people involved in the incident caused by the social networking site submitted an apology. Harm to the society as a result of the incident caused confusion of the relevant staff expressed deep apology. In addition, the staff of the relevant photos and other personnel of the personal information is not her own will spread. The personal reputation and privacy of the staff need to be protected, and ask you to make a contribution." For P.A. WORKS’s announcement, the house of hot debate: this announcement is the default money related statement is all true." "There they exploited the artist shady announcement denied." "The man was going to resign, so he got out." "The key problem is that they have an artist working in less than the minimum wage standards, this is illegal, notice how to say?" Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: