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He Jiong " Flammulina " s toilet paper Zhong Hanliang Wallace   you want to know the wonderful nickname here all star (Photos) – Jiangxi channel, people.com.cn brother — Leslie Cheung on the "brother" of reason, there are two versions: one is that when Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin filming the crew, everyone called Brigitte Lin sister, brother Leslie Cheung later called, "brother" this name forever with Leslie Cheung; the other is that Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong photographed "ghost story", Joey Wong has been called Leslie Cheung as "elder brother", then everyone would have called Leslie Cheung the "brother". Because of the long rumored time, the two versions are becoming more and more clear, no matter which version is the most determined one, but everyone called Leslie Cheung as "brother". Leslie Cheung also love this name very much, before we are more accustomed to call his name — Leslie English, early people often call him "little wing", he even love everyone called him "elder brother", because the name is more friendly, more intimate, like one family feeling. In real life, Leslie Cheung in his family’s youngest, has never been a brother, this is to meet a small wish he wants to be a brother. (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan) 何炅"金针菇"大S卫生纸钟汉良小哇 你想知道的明星奇葩外号都在这里(组图)–江西频道–人民网   哥哥――张国荣   关于“哥哥”的来由,有两个版本的说法:一个是说当张国荣和林青霞合作拍戏的时候,剧组上上下下都叫林青霞姐姐、叫张国荣哥哥,后来“哥哥”这个称呼就永远地跟随着张国荣了;另一个是说张国荣和王祖贤合作拍《倩女幽魂》的时候,王祖贤一直称呼张国荣为“哥哥”,后来大家就都管张国荣叫“哥哥”了。由于坊间传闻时间比较久远,这两个版本大家渐渐地也不管哪个版本是最确定的,反正大家都叫张国荣为“哥哥”就对了。而张国荣自己也非常喜欢这个称呼,之前大家都比较习惯叫他的英文名字――Leslie,早期也有人常称呼他为“荣少”,后来他更喜欢大家喊他“哥哥”,因为这个称呼更加亲切、更加亲近,仿佛是一家人的感觉。在现实生活中,张国荣在自己的家庭中排行老幺,从来没当过哥哥,这也算是满足了他想当哥哥的一个小心愿吧。 (责编:罗娜、毛思远)相关的主题文章: