Guy riding a motorcycle rushed into the crowd in Shaoxing’s 48 year old police hit and killed aspack

Guy riding a motorcycle rushed into the crowd in Shaoxing’s 48 year old police killed if no accident, a week later, just go to the Ningbo University son will come back National Day with his father, he talk about life in the East university. However, the evening of September 22nd, during a routine check drunk driving action, the 48 year old police Redon got hit by a motorcycle to escape inspection, although after rescue, eventually didn’t make it. That night, Shaoxing traffic police detachment brigade in the area Paojiang Ma Shan Zhen Yu Xian Lu near the drunk driving, at around 7:35, a motorcycle passing, the driver found the front is set up checkpoints, turn around and walk away. As a result, the motorcycle ran into a policeman on duty at another point. But the motorcycle did not slow down, but accelerated forward. Because the speed is very fast, in order to avoid the past people hurt, is with the police official duties of police Redon hurried over, for motorcycle parking. Did not expect the motorcycle with a heavy foot, he went straight up past the body. Because too late to escape, he was hit in the east. The scene after the collision, he recalls, the head of the East "blood flow blocking is not blocked up". Colleagues left a few people to take care of him, the rest came forward to chase the motorcycle. Soon, the motorcycle driver was under control. 10 minutes later, the 120 ambulance arrived. After rescue, but He Dong because intracranial bleeding, died. After investigation, the motorcycle driver surnamed Zhao, 24 years old, Sichuan people, the Department of driving without a license, motorcycle accident to clone car, red card, the car with his girlfriend. Currently, Zhao was arrested on suspicion of criminal police, the case is under further investigation. According to colleagues, He Dong is a more than 10 years working experience of the old Association, is the family breadwinner, father is ill in hospital for a long time. His wife also suffers from breast cancer, son just this year, admitted to the University, he suddenly left the East, to the traffic police brigade Paojiang and his family, is a big loss.相关的主题文章: