Government Grants For Asian

Personal-Finance One of the fastest growing minority groups among United States of America with the number making 5 percent of the total population at present are Asian Americans whose number is expected to increase to 9 per cent by 2050. Vibrant Asians bringing with their own economics and cultural spree created an assortment of their life into the lives that makes culture America. Their enduring lives with their hard work and increasing numbers forced American Government to recognize their contribution by offering them grants and creating maximum space to empower them with the career development of their choice. Asians working in the field of visual or performing arts are offered grants by The Asian Cultural Council for studying, getting specialized training, conducting research or taking part in observation tours undertaken in the United States. The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has provision of three different grants; The AAJA Internship Grant for Broadcast is designed for a person who is working as an intern at a radio or television network. Amount of $2000 is given as a grant to help him in meeting his daily other expenses and transportation costs. AAJA/Chicago Tribune Print and New Media Internship Grants are awarded to a person who is working either online or in print in a news organization. Under this grant $1500 is provided enabling him to meet his living or transportation expenses. In addition, Stanford Chen Internship Grant is awarded to person working as an intern either at a small or medium-sized newspaper or broadcasting station. Funds from New York Foundation for the Arts also provide grant ranging from $250 to $2500 to the colored residents of New York including residents of Asian origin who are working in the visual, performing, or literary arts. Yet another is grant provided by Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program in fields of study or research: The Language Training Grant provides an opportunity especially to Southeast Asian students and faculty members for the study of Southeast Asian language other than their own. This is supported through an accredited course or with help of certified tutor which in turn enables the student to use this knowledge and information to conduct research, to make further improvements in a course at learning institution or to get ready for the place or post of a tutor. Luisa Mallari Fellowship is given to students who are pursuing their Masters or Doctoral degree for the study of a Southeast Asian country but with the condition that country should not be of their origin and the funds are made available for coursework as well as thesis research. 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