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Gao Guangze "raise children" conference incarnation of bursting point machine – high Hirosawa "entertainment Sohu is not easy to raise a child" conference bursting point continuously Sohu entertainment news yesterday, the contemporary family emotional drama "raising a child is not easy to" launch press conference held in Beijing, Hai Rong, Chen Chunxia, Zhou producer, screenwriter Hairong Tian, Ma Guangyuan articles Xin Baiqing, Jiang Zuping, Gao Guangze and other stars appeared conference. At the scene, not only have high Hirosawa, attracted the audience laughter, applause, more about the emotional drama changed the normal growth to express emotion, let the audience looking forward to the story. Gao Guangze ‘mother is not self ridicule "by the sentiment deduction ignorant youth growth history Conference on the same day, dressed in a black suit high Hirosawa British style, full of vigor and vitality with red stripes. The character cheerful sun he also incarnate the scene of "bursting point machine", who makes the whole atmosphere of love and joy conference. In the field of high Hirosawa said, the entire cast in the drama are like family, warm and harmonious: "first saw the sea Rong sister felt how to call her mom? But after one or two weeks, I suddenly felt that she was my mother, because the atmosphere of the entire cast is too much like a home, and soon into the play." Table talk, Taiwan High Hirosawa is pulling "mother sister" plays a funny self, one family still. Unlike the ones mentioned in style, when asked about the emotional drama, even to go from high Hirosawa cadres speech "line, there will be a change of respect their own emotional feelings in the play, from embryonic development to the late unsuspectingly, emotional outbursts with vigour and vitality. It is better to say that it is through these feelings to feel a kind of growth that everyone will experience. So much can not help but let the audience have more expectations for this role. Gao Guangze "raise a child" struck with tear play challenge 180 degree of contrast in filming TV drama "raising a child is not easy", is the character of kindness, outstanding academic achievement of Yan Ligang high Hirosawa plays. As the eldest son, at home in every sudden misfortune, he decided to give up the coveted university dream, to assume the responsibility of family. In the meantime, high Hirosawa had shaped a lot of cheap adorable "sunshine boy, whether it is" I am a man of God "in love, since Mensao posing landscape or" tornado girl "Gao Yang, sell adorable love funny, hand-held fan Mini Yang Rui, have left a very deep impression for the audience. On weekdays, outgoing Gao Guangze, in a corner of the star and his character in great contrast to "Enigma" Yan Ligang, is not a small challenge. The play, he not only crying, kneeling play constantly, even in the accident when the fracture still adhere to teeth filming, remarkable dedication. 19:35 tonight, "not easy" to raise a child in Liaoning TV shock launch, high Hirosawa look forward to a multi-faceted understanding in the play.   相关的主题文章: