Fuzhou, a water pipe was broken out of the water so that the owners of the repair costs pullip

Fuzhou a water pipe was washed off so that the owners of the repairs Hoi news yesterday, Fuzhou Forest Park City villa owners Mr. Xu call Hoi hotline 95060 to reflect their district more than and 100 home owners have been nearly three days without water, and tap water factory owners own money together to repair was washed off the water, otherwise will continue without water. When reporters came to the ancient city of the mountain, encountered the arrival of mineral water to the home of mr.. Reporters with Mr. Wang came to his house and saw his home kitchen with large and small more than and 10 mineral water bucket. He said that the district without water for forty or fifty hours, the Mid Autumn Festival under the rain, the family bought a lot of food, want to cook at home. Never thought that light wash dishes for three kegs of mineral water, a bucket of 16 yuan, the price is too high, then one family can only eat outside. Good to eat, take a bath on the toilet trouble." Mr. Wang said, they have two days without a bath, the toilet more inconvenience, other owners sometimes drove to Forest Park to find public toilets at dead of night. Why did not timely maintenance of water pipes? The owner Mr. Xu said, their residential situation is very special, the water supply is not Fuzhou tap water company, but the developers own water, is located near the Forest Park longtan. A few days before the typhoon, flood washed off the water, water plant manager Wang micro letter to inform the owner of tube will be 50 thousand yuan, can you buy after the maintenance of water supply. Many owners are difficult to accept, saying that the water has been paid, sewage treatment fees, how to pay for the repair of water charges? In this regard, water district manager Wang said, this is broken from the Forest Park barbecue area to the rainbow bridge pipe, length of 380 meters, because buried in the river in the water, so the repair is difficult, high cost. The water pumped a month electricity five thousand or six thousand yuan, sewage treatment fee of 3000 yuan, and a monthly income of only 10 thousand yuan, personnel management fees, maintenance fees are lose money. Now the water pipes were broken by the flood, the water did not Qian Weixiu. Yesterday afternoon, the ancient city of villa industry and water, residential property and other crime scene, and finally determine the maintenance costs 39000 yuan, in order to restore the water supply as soon as possible, agreed to the cost borne by all owners, followed by households sharing.相关的主题文章: