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Fuzhou primary school boys Mobile Games parents maxed out credit cards to buy props Wu mother picked up the mobile phone game, skilled in the operation of the Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) Shi Jianhua Ventura reasons for concern at a primary school in Fuzhou 6 grade boys, with mother’s mobile phone to download a "big battle ball" game; for the purchase of game props. He passed the mobile phone payment, bank card stolen brush mother, less than 1 months, will spend 30 thousand dollars. Yesterday, the boy’s parents to the sea are reported for help, hope that through the media, and game developers "Shanghai giant network" communication, allowing the company to refund. Found the sea the reporter, along with the popularity of mobile phone loading…, many students addicted to Mobile Games, not only spend a lot of time and money, it is harmful to health, learning effect. Experts also remind the majority of parents, should guide minors to use the phone properly, to prevent children addicted to hand travel, falling into the game props consumption trap. Mother burst credit card yesterday morning to buy the game props brush, the public Ms. Chen and her husband, with her 12 year old son Xiao Wu to the newspaper for help. Ms. Chen said, a few days ago someone hit the money to her own savings card, but found no money card audit. Also thought the card was stolen brush, Ms. Chen went to the bank after the inquiry found that the card is more than 1 thousand yuan to pay more than the phone to pay. Even more surprising is that the amount of their own credit card 30 thousand yuan has been overdrawn. After several inquiries, Ms. Chen finally determined that the money was taken away by his son to buy the game props. Ms. Chen said that his son used her mobile phone to download a game called ball big battle, often play after school, she did not know his son spent so much money in the game. It is understood that Ms. Chen’s bank card and mobile payment tied together to pay the password was the son peek. Son carrying her, many times through mobile payment to buy the game props. She was worried about that child is the bank’s debit SMS are deleted. As a result, in less than 1 months, the son will brush off more than 30 thousand yuan. Mobile Games lost more than a year around the students are playing in the newspaper yesterday, Xiao Wu told reporters demonstrates how to buy props in Mobile Games. Xiao Wu, the mother picked up the mobile phone, open the game "ball big battle" in his account, has bought dozens of props. Xiao Wu, click a "14000 golden mushroom" props, the game will pop up the bank card payment, mobile phone payment, Alipay payment options. Wu select mobile phone payment, will jump to the Shanghai giants the flat network science and technology limited company "as long as the payment page, enter the 6 digit mobile phone payment password, is planning to go directly from the bank card 648 yuan. Little Wu Yue, he has been playing this game for more than a year, around a lot of students are playing, he also joined a number of trading game props group. Ms Chan said that the first two days she and her husband went to the police station in Fuzhou Yuefeng alarm, but the police said that this is not a fraud, but the purchase behavior, and has not been accepted. Lawyer: minors huge consumer transactions invalid Haidu reporter learned that the Ministry of Culture issued the "network game management procedures" provisions of article twentieth, online game virtual currency trading service enterprises shall provide trading services to minors. Ms Chan said he had repeatedly call;相关的主题文章: