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Network-Marketing With the outrageous costs for gasoline, pulling into the gas pump these days is enough to make anyone sick to their stomach. Just about everyone is looking for ways to save money on fuel. There have been numerous gas saving devices and ideas to .e out over the years, but one in particular is catching a lot of attention lately. The .pany is Fuel Freedom International, and the product is called the MPG-CAP. The product is very simple to use. It’s a small tablet the size of a vitamin that you put in your gas tank prior to filling up. One tablet treats up to 20 gallons of gas or diesel. Fuel Freedom International is also a home business opportunity. Does the Fuel Freedom International product really work? Is the product safe to use? Can you actually make money as a Fuel Freedom International rep? In this review I will answer those questions, as well as others, from an experienced point of view. Does The Fuel Freedom International MPG-CAP Really Work? I started using the MPG-CAPS in January, 06 in my 03′ Saturn L-200. I bought this car brand new and I have always tracked my fuel mileage. Prior to using the MPG-CAPS I would get an average of 24.5 MPG during my daily driving. The first MPG-CAP I used, I noticed absolutely no change in mileage. I then put in a 2nd MPG-CAP on my next tank of gas and ran through that tankful. I noticed an increase in mileage of 1.1 MPG. Not a big deal for sure. I also noticed an increase in my cars performance. It idled smoother and had a noticeable increase in power. My wife noticed the same thing. I ran through a 3rd tank with the MPG-CAPS and that is when things really improved. My mileage went up to 30.3 MPG. This is close to a 25% increase. That’s a huge difference. Since that time I have continued to use the MPG-CAPS and have consistently remained right at that number. So, do the Fuel Freedom International caps work? In my experience, absolutely. Are The Fuel Freedom International MPG-CAPS Safe To Use? This is probably the most .mon question everyone has. Are the MPG-CAPS safe to use? Yes, they are safe to use in any gas or diesel engine. The product is EPA registered and safe to use. It won’t tear up your engine or cause you to have a breakdown. If it wasn’t safe, I certainly wouldn’t keep putting it into my car each tank. What Does EPA Registered Mean? When you hear that any product is EPA registered it simply means that the manufacturer has given evidence of the chemical makeup of the product, and the EPA has deemed it safe for the public to use. It also means that by using the product you will not void your warranty or damage your vehicle. It also means that it is safe for the environment. It does not mean the EPA is endorsing the product in any way. It only means it’s safe for the public. Can You Make Money By Be.ing a Fuel Freedom International Rep? This is another .mon question asked by others. From my own experience in FFI, the answer is yes. Will everyone make money? No, they won’t. Let me try to give you a more detailed explanation to these statements. FFI is no different than every home business opportunity on the Internet. A product must be sold and others brought into your downline for you to make money. It’s really that simple. It is all about you and your efforts in the home business and network marketing arena. No one is going to do it for you. Yes, others, including myself, can help you, but no one can do it for you. You see, no matter what your sponsor is making each week, whether it be $5,000, or $50 a week, it means absolutely nothing to you. You don’t get any part of it. The question is, how much do YOU want to make? If you get others buying the MPG-CAPS from your website, and you go out and sign up others to get their own business started, then yes, you are going to make money. If you don’t do these things, then no, you won’t make 10 cents. I’m just being honest. And don’t get caught up in the hype of someone telling you they will put X number of people under you and you’ll get all this spillover. The good news? The difference with Fuel Freedom International, and one that dramatically tips the scales in your favor is the product. As I mentioned above, gas prices have gone beyond an inconvenience for most folks. They have be.e a severe jolt to the family budget, and there is no end in sight. The days of even a $1.50 a gallon gas are well behind us. The talk everywhere is about gas and what can be done to save money. This is where you can .e in with a real solution. You won’t experience the rejection as you .monly do with other products. People want to use the product, and when they see the results, most of them will want to know more. What Is The Bottom Line To This Business? If you want to save money on your gas or diesel expense every month, Fuel Freedom International’s MPG-CAPS can help do that for you. If you have a desire to make money working from home, and are willing to put in the effort to make it happen, then FFI may be the solution you’re looking for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: