Fried chicken shop name vulgar indecent menu cited outrage repeatedly apply for trademark by barge ravbin

Fried chicken shop name vulgar indecent menu cited outrage repeatedly apply for trademark is split this fried chicken shop in the sale of vulgar and obscene – repeatedly apply for a trademark by barge, is still "- the company dismissed the review stage: next week will rectification propaganda Chengdu store signs have been removed, Shanghai will rectification. Morning news trainee reporter Zhang Li Hu Ying "called a chicken" menu name than the more vulgar version of the picture trainee reporter Zhang Li morning news reporters Xu Yanfei and young people love to eat fried chicken, but buy a chicken in the street may have learned words, because each other to sell products should be called "really good horse, foot wings" "the global friends of chicken"…… Recently, the reporter found that many of the streets of Shanghai fried chicken shop called "trick called a chicken", not only the name inside the menu more vulgar, obscene. Although this fried chicken shop in Shanghai a lot, but the earliest in Chengdu sparked outrage. Called a chicken in Shanghai dozens of stores, a variety of vulgar language is a long-term existence. As of press time reporter, "called a chicken" finally sound: next week to conduct a comprehensive rectification and advertising slogan "called a chicken" company in Shanghai recently, Chengdu citizens Ms. Chen Chengdu to reflect the media, he and a few friends in Chengdu with children playing, during the new fried chicken. To attract attention, Ms. Chen said, signs and outside walls are bright yellow, very eye-catching, but the name of the shop called "called a chicken", in addition, also attached propaganda: "a special chicken shop". Ms. Chen now feel very embarrassed. She looked in the store, hanging on the wall of the slogan, the name of the food more dirty, Ms. Chen think, these slogans and dishes made her feel shy of reporting. More let Ms. Chen feel embarrassed, her 8 year old son tongyanwuji asked her "call a chicken" is what mean. In this regard, Ms. Chen had to choose cold treatment, who knows the more the more children are constantly asked. Ms. Chen is a contrast to the local media reflect "called a chicken" this has adverse hint of the shop name, finally, to the local urban management businesses issued shall order rectification notice, ordered to each other in the 20 days before the signs are correct. At the same time, the law enforcement team after persuasion, businesses have also agreed to change the store posted menu name, "returned to normal". Soon, the store signs were removed. It is reported that called a chicken, the company set up in Shanghai, according to public comment information search found, called a chicken, a total of 48 stores. The name "dirty" look to bear the reporter yesterday visited the Minhang District Hongjing road and Changning District Wuyi Road two stores, found that "called a chicken takeaway business more stores, bright yellow sign in the light mapping becomes particularly eye-catching, but the head of the" vulgar "very strong sense. From the store appearance, called a chicken flagship yellow decoration tone, as well as a white cartoon chicks as logo, and the difference between the general fried chicken shop. But if the "call a chicken" name may also be a businessman "no", then the menu appears have an ulterior motive: "chicken without sexual life",.相关的主题文章: