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Poetry I married a year before I turned twenty-one, I met my husband while attending DeVry in Chicago. It was during the Vietnam war and everyone knew that the graduating class before mine would be drafted into the United States Army. The man I was dating while in college (vocational trade-school at that time) was drafted into the US Army immediately after he graduated.. I still had a couple months to go, and finished up my schooling while he did basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. After he completed basic training, we had a small wedding ceremony in Ft. Leonard Wood. What I didnt realize then, and for a long time, is that my new husband was a combination of different men whom he completed basic training with. For all intensive purposes, I married the United States Army. No problem, we were stationed in Germershiem, Germany which was around 56 miles from Strasbourg, France and 15 miles from Karlsruhe, Germany. We lived on what they called the economy (civilian housing) because my new husband didnt have the rank for Army housing. My husband bought me my first Porsche, a VW bug! I drove around the countryside until I had blisters on my hands from driving. I went everywhere my little VW bug would take me. On most days, I had to be home by 3:30 to prepare and serve dinner by 5:00 PM. Finally they got me a job at the Officers Club (NCO) where I worked as the bookkeeper. That was the end of my daily escapades on and off the autobahn where the Mercedes-Benz would pass me doing 140 to 160 miles per hour. (There was no speed-limit) My little VW would shake from the force of the passing MB and real Porsches. A-Love-That-Could-Not-Be-Cover From our 99 cent collection of fiction, romance and mystery. Exciting story, download and read on your desktop or laptop My husband worked part-time at the army base bowling alley in the evenings. We saved our money, and every chance wed get we would travel Europe. I first learned to ski in the Black Forest in Germany. We then traveled to Paris, Rome, Venice, Lucern, Switerzerland, and East Berline along with different parts of Germany, including Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Nuremberg I was never happier. After one year, the Army shipped me and my belongings back to the San Francisco Bay Area, and the honeymoon ended. I didnt do well in adjusting to civilian life. I had problems with adjusting, partly because my husband said for two years, that he was going to re-enlist in the Army, and I believed him. My husband getting out of the service was a total surprise to me. But now that I look back, it was the right thing for him to do. He had dodged Viet Nam once, and to think he could avoid the war-zone during a second enlistment was taking luck a little too far. Our divorce was written on the wall, and I wasnt really upset when it happened. However, if I understood then what I understand now, I wouldn’t marry him until after he was out of the Army. So its safe to say that our four-and-a-half year marriage may have never occurred. For me, I was more connected to the entity called the US Army than I was with my husband. And I have to tell you. The Army didn’t let go. Just because you retire out, or don’t re-enlist means little, spiritually speaking. Once in the Army, it appears to be a lifetime-event. Factors which support my belief was the fact that I’m the daughter of a WWII veteran, and was conceived after the war ended. I often think I may have ‘Army’ in my DNA. For many years after my divorce I couldnt understand why my social life and dating life wasnt like most people. It simply never occurred to me that I was spiritually still an Army wife and daughter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: