For the first time on a large scale in Inner Mongolia Chinese artists perform Kazakhstan sing Beauti nlite

For the first time on a large scale in Inner Mongolia Chinese artists perform Kazakhstan sing "Beautiful Prairie" – Beijing, China News Agency, Astana, September 14 (reporter Wen Longjie) Inner Mongolia National Art Theatre Chinese Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan to 13 days in the Kazakh capital of Astana held a "beautiful prairie my home" a cappella concert. This is the first time for the Chinese artists to go to Inner Mongolia to perform, professional level is high, rich ethnic characteristics. Chinese charge d’affaires in Kazakhstan Ren Shi speech said that the show is held in the two countries, the implementation of the Hangzhou meeting of heads of state, but also to Kazakhstan to congratulate friends and compatriots adha. The artists sang more than 20 first diversified repertoire, not only a perfect display of the Mongolian long tune, unique Hoomei, dances and other forms of art, will be the Western chorus and Mongolian music style are well combined, excellent interpretation of Italy, Germany, Britain, Czech and Russia and other countries of the classic works. The audience from time to time but interaction, Kazak folk song "a rose" lovely stage repeatedly attracted sympathy. Ha O people Sheenah said, through the TV to show relevant information, and "trip", the song "flow to the heart", "thank you very much China artists bring wonderful performances". "I feel so proud", happened to be in the local tourism Chinese Kazak art teacher dabour excited. Because the whole show is very professional, there are experts in the audience, they all praise our artists superb skills, as the Chinese people in foreign countries to hear these words I am very proud of." It is reported that the Inner Mongolia National Art Theatre Chinese during the period from August 28th to September 24th in Mongolia in Ulan Bator, Russia, St Petersburg, Kazakhstan, Astana, Ulan ude, Austria Salzburg, Czech Prague, Frankfurt Germany city tour to the Chinese audience Inner Mongolia unique ethnic and humanistic style, promote Inner Mongolia cultural exchanges with other countries. (end)相关的主题文章: