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Interior-Decorating Fireplace mantels have been around since medieval times. Their purpose was a practical one: to catch the smoke, which emanated from the fire. These mantels originated as a hood that projected over a grate. In fact, this was a simple concept with a simple purpose and a very practical one. However, fireplace mantels now serve a .pletely different function and, whenever possible, a home should have one. In fact, they provide a certain balance and add character and warmth to a room. First, with the invention of mechanized heating systems, we no longer heat the rooms with an open fire. Thus, we use mantels, whether with a real fireplace or not, to show off our treasures, pictures of loved ones and other prized possessions. We use them to express our individual taste and personality. In other words, you take a room and make it your own. It is important that one be very patient with this process and that one savor the voyage. After all, it is leading to a path of endless memories shared with family and friends. Second, if you want to give a room character and individuality you add a mantel of unique design and workmanship that will give that room its definition and that will reflect your taste. Select a mantel that makes a statement about you and that reflects your personality. The options in selecting a beautiful and unique mantel are limitless, so take your time. Remember, it is a voyage to the enjoyed. Third, keep in mind that the defining element of a great fireplace mantel is the attention to detail and the workmanship. Mans imagination has taken flight and we now have a myriad of beautiful materials from which to select. This is true whether you are attempting to create ambiance in a new, modern home or simply updating an older one. It is precisely that unique selection and the .bination of your personal ideas that will make the room a one-of-a-kind and your home exceptional. In turn, this uniqueness can only add value to your home. If you have been looking for a way to add character to that special room while creating a unique environment that will add value to your home, then perhaps buying a fireplace mantel might be the solution for you. Imagine you and your loved ones, surrounded by your favorite mementos in a beautifully decorated room and a cozy fire can life get any better? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: