Female students in Hubei were killed when suspected offenders after the date, then killed 3 people ca1835

Female students in Hubei were killed when suspected offenders after the date, then killed 3 people in Daye during the date of work Hubei Zhushan man took a vacation during the Valentine, restaurant waiter and relationship, invited to Daye altercation after cohabitation, a man that would kill the woman, and the old lover after provincial and her mother, son of three who surrendered after killing. The afternoon of October 27th, Cheng Mouzhi suspects were escorted to Daye Shaanxi police identify the crime scene. The cold woman in the rental was killed at noon on September 2nd, an investigation of Hubei Province, Daye City Public Security Bureau, Jinhu police station duty room suddenly received Hanyin County Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province, request the Bureau uncovered the vicious homicide case, the suspect confessed he had killed a woman in Daye Tonglushan Mine in a rented house, for investigation. In charge of the deputy director Chen Xuqiang is shocked: 110 and the police had not received any alarm personnel killed! Even so, Chen Xuqiang or the murder investigation in accordance with the plan requirements, immediately reported to the Bureau Command Center, Bureau Command area on duty immediately Jinhu police station immediately check. According to the suspect’s identity information provided by the police in Hanyin, the service unit of Jinhu police station deputy director Chen Xuqiang Jin Minsheng led the police immediately rushed to the suspects, through its familiar workers found the rental housing. The door locked rental does not have any abnormal appearance, just chill bursts came from the door. No response after repeated propaganda, police found the landlord to open the door, but the air conditioning at first glance indoor empty but in strong cooling, so that the site is very strange. Soon, Chen Xuqiang found that the anomaly, lying on the bed to shout no reaction into the interior of the police. A woman opened a quilt, complexion, cold, had died a long time. After receiving the report, Daye City Public Security Bureau, political commissar Zhang Zhiming immediately command the criminal investigation battalion Chen Xiaoming led intervention, start the murder detection mechanism — Shi Caisheng criminal science and director of the technical room led the criminal technical personnel rushed to the scene investigation, Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander Zhu Xiang Wei led the crime member Chen Caihe, Liu Yang, Liu Ruijie, Jin Liangzan, et al. In conjunction with the Jinhu police station police backbone the detection of the external investigation team designed. After investigation, the house rented man is the suspect named Cheng Zhi, 35 years old, born in 1981, Hubei city of Shiyan Province Zhushan County people. October 2015 began to follow the engineering team in Zhejiang, Daye province to engage in underground excavation work in the. The deceased named Shen Moucui, female, 19 years old, born in 1997, Shaanxi Province, Hanyin County, Hanyin County, a technical school students in reading. According to Cheng Mouzhi introduced the workers, Cheng Zhi my family in general, divorced son. Engaged in underground excavation work for many years, although income can be, but he likes to play and spend more generous kind, it should not save any money. And general workers collective rental housing economy, Cheng Zhi is clearly more ease to enjoy, a person he rented a room with air conditioning of rental housing in the vicinity of the site, but also let him in the hot summer had slightly moist. What is even more admirable is that around August 20th, Cheng Mouzhi, who had been away for some time, took a young girl, the dead.相关的主题文章: