Fall River, Ma Acura Celebrates A Quarter Of A Century In America-tonya mitchell

Automobiles Fall River, MA: Acura dealers in Massachusetts, along with Acura dealers from across the nation, joined in celebration last month as Acura celebrated its 25th year of business in America. The celebration makes more of the public aware of just how young the auto brand really is. Thanks to how well integrated into the automobile market the Acura brand is, and therefore how popular the brand is with the public, it is easy to mistake Acura for an auto brand that have been around since the near start of the automobile like brands such as Ford and Mercedes-Benz. But it is true that Acura is celebrating just its 25th birthday. Over the years, our local Fall River, MA Acura dealer has joined the brand in celebrating many triumphs as new models were released to match the changing times and improved technology. The first Acura models, released in March of 1986, were the Acura Legend and the Acura Integra. The Legend was a luxury sedan, larger in size. The Integra came as either a 3-door or a 5-door vehicle and aligned with the sport sedan market. Sixty Acura dealers across 18 states were the first Acura dealerships and thus, sold these first Acura vehicles. Acuras opening in the United States marked the first Japanese luxury auto brand to be sold in America. By the end of this opening year, Acura sold 52,869 units and expanded to 150 dealerships in 36 states. In 1990, Acura made another first by producing the most expensive automobile in Japanese history. The vehicle was the NSX sports car, a vehicle with an all-aluminum chassis and body, and it sold for a price of $65,000. Also at the time, Acura modified its symbol from an original design of dial calipers to the A form we know today. Last, but certainly not least, great dealerships like the Acura dealer for Fall River, MA residents helped Acura to score first for the fourth consecutive year in J.D. Powers and Associates prestigious Consumer Service Index survey. The years to follow continued to bring good news for the Acura brand, including selling nearly 200,000 units during one year of sales. In the past few years, Acura has earned an impressive share of the luxury automobile market with best selling models like the Acura RL and Acura TSX. Whats more, Acura has also found success in the crossover/SUV market with the well selling Acura MDX. Despite all of this celebration and looking back on their achievements, Acuras main focus is full speed ahead. The automotive brand has consistently produced new models that lead industry trends and they have every intention of continuing to do so in the future. In fact, just recently the latest round of Acura TL models, the 2012 model, arrived on the lot of your local Acura dealer. Fall River, MA residents have already noted the 2012 TLs impressive curb appeal and state-of-the-art entertainment system. So let us say hats off to Acura for their achievements over the last 25 years and heres to the next quarter of a century! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: