Encounter a small fresh Mediterranean bathroom surrounded by art! 3edyy

Encounter a small fresh Mediterranean bathroom surrounded by art! Bathroom renovation should pay attention to temperament, clean and fresh and clever design of the bathroom to impress people. Small fresh style, calm mood, the best choice for a relaxing, whether it is bath or comb, in the space to bring you a positive attitude towards lohas. White is a symbol of purity, but also the most common and most simple light color. White is the bathroom, bathroom cabinet and pure white wall mirror surface deep brown border to the side of the wall with collocation, warm light small lamp highlights the texture. The shower area with the radian of the partition to distinguish with other regions, the black side shower curtain and mirror the dark decorative frame echoes. ?? Smells is light green valley in the designer decoration color commonly used, with light green brick as bathroom wall and sanitary ware as main, collocation of white, the entire bathroom small fresh feeling carefree and leisurely. Embedded in the walls of the room can help homeowners in this area and put down a lot of toiletries, such a design is also very useful in the bathroom oh. ?? Think of space in the bathroom wall design a window? Designer in the wash area side this bathroom wall with a small blue box arched windows to the space for decoration, with cement directly to build out small bathroom cabinet and the wall surface to form a whole, and the white round freestanding basin echoes with the circular white frame mirror, the top of the toilet with wooden elements to create, but also has a sense of space level, so that the whole bathroom not only has a Mediterranean style is also filled with a kind of natural flavor. ?? The bathroom space with different size tiles, make the bathroom is full of changeable feeling, in a transparent glass door to the space space, make the bathroom space to clear functional areas. In the shower area on the walls of the design of several depressions in the grid to facilitate the inclusion of daily bathing supplies, the design of the shower room is more beautiful and practical, but also does not account for the local oh. ?? A little space in the bathroom, use color square tiles with diamond like format collage of this space, floor tiles with blue and white style combination of collage, because of space limitations, the bathroom shower area and wash area relative, this will give people a the space is not too small to feel. ?? In the Mediterranean style adds partial European style Home Furnishing, blue and yellow part of this space, independent of the white bathtub will certainly is not the girls favorite, who do not want to at home on a beautiful bubble bath? Give enough of this window the bright light, let the whole bathroom give people the feeling is comfortable. ?? When many people are willing to create a Mediterranean style bathroom door design into a round arched door, the bathroom is no exception to seize this design point, only in the color selection is dark purple and blue, in the bathroom wall with small tiles collage. The whole bathroom looks than usual to see large surface tile effect to some detail. To create a bathroom space with the coffee color, give people.相关的主题文章: