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Arts-and-Entertainment Such an application provides managers valuable information about the employees’ activities which are recorded with the highest accuracy: hours and minutes spent by each individual or group of employees. Managers can simply have a view of the total time spent on the computer for each user. Furthermore, these reports divide the total working time of an employee in active and idle time. More windows opened don’t necessary mean more active time. For example, if an employee willing to make a good impression opens more windows but does not use them, the application will report this period as idle time. Based on these results, managers can clearly see which was the most dedicated to work employer and which one did not complete his work. This is one more feature that attests the accuracy of the recorded information. An advanced time tracking software gives the application’s administrator the possibility to create rules for the monitored employees. The most important rules are related to the maximum time allowed in an application, for internet browsing, chatting and even maximum idle time accepted. Creating the rule only takes a moment and the manager can choose to create it for as many employees or groups he wants. When the rule is broken the system will display further details in the Alert report window. To easy compare users’ recorded information, an ascending/descending sorting option is available according to their activity (total time, active time, idle time, online or activity). Choosing the descending order, the users will be shown starting from the one with the highest activity percentage to the one with the lowest one. This helps manager find out which are the most effective workers within his/her company and the unproductive (lazy) ones. For an easy analyze there is also the possibility to print the report, or to export them to an Excel file on the PC. The application allows managers to choose a specified period to show the statistics. A complex solution which can be used as time tracking software is Cyclope Employee Surveillance. The application, provided by Cyclope-Series developers, offers this powerful and innovative feature which is just one from a large and various list. Additional characteristics included into the Cyclope, essential for the monitoring process as well, are: recording window/application activity, detect abuse and inefficiency, record online activity, comparisons between staff, accurate and detailed statistics etc. By testing all its functionalities, the application will catch the manager’s interest which will be convince about the efficiency of Cyclope Employee Surveillance and the easy to navigate graphical user web interface. Download this time tracking software from .cyclope-series.., install it on your .pany .puters and let us know the results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: