Eat rotten fruit may be carcinogenic to cancer how to eat fruit win7codecs

Eat rotten fruit may be carcinogenic to cancer how well do you know to eat fruit fruit will also cause cancer? Daily if you eat rotten fruit, malformed fruit and do not have a correct treatment of fruit labels, may be harmful to the body and cause cancer. Finally, Xiao Bian recommend 5 kinds of anti-cancer fruits, eating right, health is good! First, the fruit of 3 cases of cancer in the case of 1, rotten fruit and fruit rot, microorganisms in the metabolic process will produce a variety of harmful substances, in particular, to accelerate the reproduction of fungi. Some fungi have carcinogenic effects, which can be spread from decaying parts to non decaying parts through juice. So, despite the removal of the rotten parts, the rest of the fruit still can not eat. Some people eat the fruit, with fruit rot part, the rotten part of scoop out to eat, so health. Fruit rot, only part of the rotten dug, you can eat it? In fact, this practice is not correct. It was determined that the toxin could still be detected in the normal pulp, which is 1 cm away from the rotting part. Experts on microbiology believes that even if the rotten fruit has been part of the remaining part is cut off and spread through the juice of bacterial metabolites, and even microbes breeding, the fungus can lead to human cell mutation and carcinogenesis. People eat rotten fruit of mycotoxins, may occur dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, convulsions, coma will happen severe, life-threatening. One of the greatest threat to human health is the toxin of penicillium. In addition to eating in the nervous, respiratory, urinary system damage, there is a strong carcinogenic effect. In addition, the fruit after the decay of its nitrate, but also into toxic nitrite. 2, abnormal fruit, such as heavy metal or organic chemical pollution and other factors caused by the deterioration of the fruit, you should be careful to eat. Heavy metal pollution of the fruit is certainly not good for the human body, or why the state requires the development of pollution-free fruit production, green fruit production and even organic fruit production? However, some production base, soil or irrigation water mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals, or highly toxic pesticide residues often exceed the standard, they will accumulate in plants. If these fruits, or other types of food, often ingested into the body, will cause serious harm to human health. Why in the economy while developed but did not pay attention to the environmental protection of the region, people often appear all sorts of strange disease? This has nothing to do with the toxic gases, drinking water and food they breathe in. 3, pay attention to some fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables in order to show its "import" or "high-grade", the label affixed to the skin. The expert reminds, posted on the label on the surface of the peel toxin more intrusive Vegetable & Fruit, should try to avoid buying. The study found that the Royal will, a lot of food packaging labels using binder containing highly toxic chemical substances. International Food Packaging Association executive vice president and Secretary General professor Dong Jinshi said that the current domestic food label adhesive does not have the relevant standards, but the printing house with adhesive materials are benzene, such substances containing carcinogenic toxins. Oily many,.相关的主题文章: