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Self-Improvement Dyslexia is a neurological condition that affects perhaps 10-15 out of every 100 people. Amongst Adults only 5 out of 100 are ever tested, identified and helped. This would indicate that 5-10 adults out of every 100 are undiagnosed dyslexics. Dyslexia affects one’s ability to effectively see, especially to convert symbols on paper into letters and words or to convert them into the sounds of spoken words. With dyslexics, their eyes see just fine, but the brain appears to have difficulty interpreting the signals from the eyes into words, ideas and sounds. No two cases of dyslexia are exactly alike. The exact type and severity of dyslexic problems are different in every dyslexic. There are no standard categories. It ranges from a mild hindrance to severe disabilities. School age children are now routinely screened for dyslexia. Once identified they are then tested fully, diagnosed in detail and set on the correcy path to learning for dyslexics. Dyslexics are just as bright as anyone else (more so, some say) but they just learn differently and need to be taught differently, that’s all. Those of us who finished grade school more than about 15 years ago, when widespread dyslexia testing became the rule rather than the exception, were just out of luck. Dyslexics were ridiculed, called names like "retard", treated as mentally dificient. They suffered and were scarred from this. They learned to hide their differences. They avoided ever having to read aloud, avoided having to manipulate numbers or symbols. They took jobs that would appear to be below those which their intelligence and abilities would indicate. All this in order to hide their differences caused by dyslexia. The only way to detect dyslexia for sure is through a dyslexia test. Once that was a pretty big deal, required going one on one with a trained expert, cost a lot of money. Recently, a test prepared by experts and now certified as accurate, has be.e available online. It is only for adults (16 or older), is currently only available in English. It takes about half an hour and costs less than dinner for two at a medium-good restaurant. Since it is online it can be taken anywhere, anytime. It matters little or not at all just where you might be in the World. All you need is a .puter and an Internet connection. Immediately afterward you get a copy of the .plete written analysis, showing the test results in detail. If you are not dyslexic, you will know right away. If you are, you will know that you have a problem, generally in what area and approximately to what severity. That could, of course, mean that more specific and specialized testing would be needed. However, just know about the condition will immediately set you on the road to correctly dealing with it and over.ing dyslexia. Might you or someone you know be one of the undiscovered adult dyslexics out there? Why not get tested and find out? Once diagnosed dyslexics can be taught how to learn and do practically anything that non-dyslexics do. Any dyslexic problem can be drastically reduced or over.e .pletely. Once the challenges are over.e, you will be able to enjoy the "gift of dyslexia", special abilities that have helped dyslexics like Tom Cruise, Cher and Richard Branson succeed. Take the test. It could really open the doors to a whole new life of success and achievement for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: