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Investing The Indian stock market has always been considered lucrative by investors. The temporary downtrend witnessed for a year now, has not dampened their spirits. Not much FIs are flowing into the Indian stock market at present; in fact, it is more of selling rather than buying that has led the price of sensex and nifty stocks to change steadily. The NSE and BSE online live stock market at present hardly exhibits a satisfactory statistics. It is not only the Indian stock market but also the world stock market that is facing ebb and flow. If you invest for the long term, experiencing a win-win situation is for certain and situation will not remain the same. Staying updated with stock news every now and then does matter if you are investing for the short term. Price of sensex and nifty stocks including complete live stock market statistics updation matters a lot to let you take the right buying and selling decisions. Well, even if you are investing for the long term, still you need to stay updated with stock news. Blind investment will not yield you any returns. As aforementioned, to get maximum returns on your investment, you will have to conduct a thorough research as to which sensex and nifty stocks in the long term will perform to your advantage. According to the latest live stock market statistics (20th Oct.), the BSE sensex closed at 16,936.89 and the NSE nifty ended at 5,091.90. A ray of hope from Europe helped improve many world markets and the Indian stock market is no exception. With European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) to be allowed to buy bonds in the secondary markets as pointed out by latest stock news reports, a mild recovery of the indices was witnessed. If more global markets exhibit positive signs, in no time will the markets bounce back to their lost glory! For the up-to-the-minute NSE and BSE online reports, complete stock news including exchange rates, and more, visit a news portal, one that publishes news faster than other portals. When we speak about exchange rates, you can not only view the same in the form of a chart. You can also find the exchange rate of the desired currencies using a currency converter tool. Trading in the NSE and BSE online market is no hassle-oriented activity provided you know the complete dynamics of the trade and stay updated with stock news. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: