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Pets .dog-training-utah.slcdogsitters.. Dog Training Utah Hi This is Amy Hiatt with SLC Dog Sitter, Dog Training Tips. I just wanted to talk about a couple of dog behaviors and dog training Utah tips. Two behaviors that we .e across a lot are : 1- Is aggressive behavior, and that would be growling, barking, hackles up. The best thing you can do, with regards to dog training Utah, is always say no to your dog. If you try and pet or soothe your dog, and they may take that as encouragement and will continue with the behavior. So always say "No" right away when they start exhibiting these types of behaviors. Elliot here i found him when he was almost a year old. And he had a little problem with fear aggression. He is the sweetest dog in the world but when he gets scared he would growl and his hackles would .e up. So we would have to work on the saying no, when he would exhibit the behaviors. We also would have to get him socialized, getting him around…people and other dogs. Just basically helping him get over his fears. That is how he became the sweet lovable dog he is now. Now on the other hand there is another behavior that my other dog Nixon had. He is very timid and submissive. A dog that is submissive can be.e very territorial and exhibit aggressive behavior. So the one thing i have learn for both of these behaviors is too socialize your dog. This is one of the best suggestions i give, Dog Training Utah. Get them out of the house get them around people, other dogs, put them in different situations. So they be.e .fortable. One of the things that is great about SLC Dog Sitter is you can bring your dog here for day sitting or over night stays. We only have 2 to 3 dogs here at a time. Which gives them specialize attention. So they are not overwhelmed by too many things at one time. Yet there are other dogs here, that they can socialize with and get use too new situations. So your dog will get use to other dogs, and also get use to being away from home. Feel free to click on any of our links, and I look forward to talking to you soon. Amy Hiatt SLC Dog Sitter 5148 West Cherrywood Lane Salt Lake City, Utah 84120 Dog Training Utah, Dog boarding Utah About the Author: 相关的主题文章: