Do 4G value of the Internet package to send the computer is a hoax thousands of people cheated (Figu coinwatch

Do 4G Internet package to send the computer is a hoax thousands of people cheated (Figure) – Beijing police fraud gang was destroyed, the scene is a mess of Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Wen, Zheng Cheng correspondent Li Zhitian, Hou Quan photo coverage: in September 22nd, the Foshan police, which successfully destroyed a fake 4G network service center in August 17th and to pay for 4G wireless Internet packages sent to the tablet computer to fraud large telecom fraud Gang, arresting 42 suspects, seized 205 sets of computer platform for fraud, as well as the network server, computer, telephone and other tools for committing crimes. The value of the Internet package sent computer in February this year, Zhao Gaoming is the company to work, suddenly received a phone number is displayed as at the beginning of 020, a man named "Zhang Xue" the woman on the phone, she claimed to be the Guangzhou 4G network service center staff, said the company in order to test the 4G network signal around the stability, now launched 900 yuan three years is not limited to the flow of wireless Internet packages, package handling that is presented in a tablet computer, to help the company to test the network signal. Hear such an attractive discount activities, Zhao believes that really worthwhile". So, she promised to buy a set of preferential packages. On the second day, the company called to say that tablet PCs and cards have been sent in a cash on delivery. After a few days, Zhao received the company’s mail to the computer, and paid 900 yuan. The victim into the scam Zhao happily get inextricably bogged down in the tablet computer, try to use the Internet, but found that the computer didn’t. In the dial "staff" after the call, the other seriously carry out a lot of guidance, but in various ways still tried to be invalid, the person said, the company will send a new tablet over, but asked Zhao receipt to pay 800 yuan deposit, if the Internet can replace the EEG. The company will recover, before the computer and return the deposit 800 yuan. Ms. Zhao did, but some setbacks, the new computer is still not online, contact again "company", an apology, but still require Zhao in the same way, again a replacement. The last 800 yuan deposit has not returned, if you do not change the computer, it is not a big loss!" So, Ms. Zhao again pay deposit…… In the next time, the company has to hardware and software problems and threats will not threatening, so Zhao before and after bank cards, WeChat 7 times the total payment of 1 yuan. Eventually, Ms. Zhao realized cheated, and report to the public security organs. Thousands of people have been deceived after receiving the report, Foshan City Public Security Bureau Gaoming branch to sort out the clues, find the hidden behind the fraud of an organized fraud Gang, the preferential purchase 4G Internet packages sent to the tablet computer by way of fraud victims, distribution of the province. After the ad hoc group of 3 consecutive months of careful Mopai, a large Xu telecommunications network fraud gang led by a surfaced, the net action immediately. In August 17th, under the unified command of the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Gaoming branch organized more than 50 police officers.相关的主题文章: