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Interior-Decorating Decorative paper lanterns .e in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Some .e with a candle placed inside, while others are powered by electric bulbs. The soft light emanating from these beautiful objects has the power of a magic spell it can change the ambiance of rooms, houses, churches, ponds or open grounds. Over the last few years, the modern world has woken up to the benefits of using decorative lanterns for wedding, parties and other social functions and occasions. Today, it is very easy for an average person to buy unique paper lanterns online. Whether you want a lantern to change the ambiance of your room, or you want it for parties or any other occasion, you have a wide range of options. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular varieties of lanterns Asian and Chinese paper lanterns are seen as symbols of good fortune and longevity. These lanterns .e in different colors; each color is said to have a special significance. Some have sacred Chinese characters inscribed on the side. Perfect for festive occasions, the Asian and Chinese versions can .e in a wide range of sizes. The smallest Chinese lantern is called Baby’s Bottom; it is perfect for Christmas lighting. The slightly larger variety called the Rolling Paper is great for restaurants and rooms. Battery operated LED lanterns are ideal for people who seek a convenient and quick form of decoration. In addition to convenience, this kind of lantern is easy on your wallet too. Also, you need not tinker with electric wiring: no wires dangle from the lanterns announcing the fact that they are not ‘real’ candlelit balls of light! Online stores offer an inexhaustible range of battery-powered lanterns. Star-shaped lanterns are your best bet when it .es to home decoration. Star lanterns, a symbol hope and light, are the logical choice for Christmas and other holiday decorations. You can get such lanterns at low rates, and you can easily build some for yourself! Sky lanterns have always been an integral part of different Asian cultures. Sky lanterns are airborne lanterns made from bamboo sticks and oiled rice paper. A candle flame burns inside the lantern; when the flame heats ups the air, the lantern rises skywards. There are very few things .parable to the beauty of a sky that is twinkling with the light of sky lanterns. However, there have been some incidents of sky lanterns causing crop fires. So, use them with caution! Water Lanterns , also called floating lanterns, bring together water and fire, creating a powerful visual image. Such lanterns float on any still surface of water; you can also place them on firm surfaces if you want. If you plan to create an other-worldly, magical aura, this is your ideal option. If you are looking for cheap but attractive objects of decoration, paper lanterns are one of the best options for you. The best thing about lanterns made from paper is that they are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes: it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that matches your aesthetic sense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: