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Deyunshe Laolai into   on credit "blacklist" — real estate — original title: Deyunshe into Laolai on credit "blacklist" a few days ago, Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin of the grievances occupy the entertainment headlines". Yesterday, there are sharp eyed Netizens found Deyunshe on the Supreme People’s Court of dishonesty blacklist". Beijing morning news reporters yesterday on the Supreme People’s court website, found that Beijing Deyunshe appeared in the list. Deyunshe boarded the list of promises yesterday, reporters on the website of the Supreme People’s court "national court executed found information query page, Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. Ltd for together with the Beijing nobufusa housing management company civil disputes on the" dishonesty executed "list. The page shows, according to the judgment, the defendant Beijing song and dance theatre Co. Ltd., Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Guangde building Entertainment Industry Co. Ltd will be located in Beijing City, Xuanwu District (now Xicheng District) Dashilan No. 39 71 houses vacated by the plaintiff to recover the occupied. At the same time in the "debtor’s performance" and "dishonest debtor behavior of the specific circumstances" in the two column, shown as "all failure" and "the other is the ability to perform and refused to perform effective legal instruments to determine the obligations". Reporter survey found, Dashanlan No. 39 Guangde building play park, is home to six fixed theatre of deyunshe. Yesterday, Guangde floor theatre ticket show everything is normal, the last phase of the Sunday night comedy. The court sentenced Deyunshe vacate Beijing Deyunshe dishonesty cases occurred in 2011, the reporter did not inquire into the specific information, but the case was grade two after the court verdict, the three defendants will be involved in housing vacated by the company to recover the occupied nobufusa. In 2013, the northern song company and nobufusa company due to damage to property disputes referred to the court, which also involves deyunshe. In the case in 2013, nobufusa company alleged that 71 public houses by Dashanlan No. 39 by the management of the company, the company sales of goods, North Song, and leased to Beijing Deyunshe commercial performances, and from the North Song company to provide the capital, registered company office building in Guangde. Xuan housing company, said the company is engaged in the performance of the Northern Song commercial rather than public performances, but has not paid any fee to the housing company. So the company sued the housing market, the request of the North Song company to pay January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012 housing charges. North Song argued that the house involved by the predecessor of Beijing opera group was established in the new China early construction, repair and use so far, the rights and obligations of nobufusa company has never exercised housing management, the two sides have not signed housing lease agreement. After hearing the court of first instance, according to the 2011 Deyunshe case involving dishonesty, determine the song of the north company has used the house involved in the case, it should be used to pay housing fees to declare real company, North Song company to declare the real judgment of company pay housing fees 155 yuan. Last night, the Beijing morning news reporters tried to contact Deyunshe spokesman Wang Hai know this, but Wang Haiwei answered the phone. Since then, the reporter sent text messages to express相关的主题文章: