Device art minorities slow in Yingchun Road plustek

Device art "minorities" slow into the spring road requirements for transportation, space, display, maintenance and the academic value is harsh, let the lack of installation art, more difficult, the market process is relatively slow. But it is the so-called reach, Guangzhou Museum of art exhibition of the first "hot asian Biennale", installation art proportion reached more than half, warming effect is remarkable. This state of the ascendant to install the art in the country launched the arm, embarked on a slow road. The market is now warming momentum in many people’s impression, the installation of a huge art, it seems very far away from us. It is not limited by any material, and is not bound by the form of art, painting, photography, sculpture and other categories can be run through. In simple terms, it is the venue + materials + emotions, a comprehensive display of art. Through the creation of materials, materials, and the ability to control the selection, use, transformation, combination, so as to make it a new interpretation of the individual or group of rich spiritual and cultural implication. This "huge and cumbersome" art form is now slowly developing arms. The rise of installation art in 1960s, in the Western Contemporary Art Museum exhibition, it has occupied a very important position. For example, the independent device art museum, device art center, San Francisco Street CAPA London device art museum, some art colleges have also set up the device art curriculum. In China, the Shanghai Biennale for several years will be required as a device of art form, and gradually increase the proportion of. "Installation art has become the mainstream art style and media in the world. In the past, the traditional category is limited to oil painting, sculpture, etc. now, installation art, video, including the behavior of art has become more important presentation." The curator, art critic Liang Kegang said, the International Exhibition for new media, art materials and ideas, this is the trend of the development of art, has been in the domestic and international status, Beijing, Shanghai and other large art galleries, exhibition, gallery installation art exhibition are quite common. Deng Guoyuan, President of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and contemporary artist, said that the installation art represents a new concept, and its creative direction leads to the development of art, which has become a cultural phenomenon which can not be ignored. It has changed the traditional habit of appreciation, provides another perspective of thinking and imagination to the audience, let the audience have feelings, understand the work experience and connotation involved between artist and audience burst out more interactive, the future will be more and more popular. Today, China art installations gradually entering a market, many galleries including Tang Contemporary Art Center, evergreen Gallery, long march space, turned to the cultivation device works of art, some even have accumulated a solid customer base at home and abroad. The two class market, not only in Sotheby’s and Christie’s device works on Chinese operation of artists, domestic auction houses have also tried to promote Chinese guardian, Beijing poly, Beijing Huachen, Nanjing and other auction companies have taken over the classical art works, and some have achieved good results. In 2006, the launch of the China device works "Xiao Lu dialogue", and the turnover of 2 million 310 thousand yuan"相关的主题文章: