Comedy pain survey screenwriter hollowed out actor Zhengsu not sleep

Comedy pain survey: screenwriter hollowed out actor Zhengsu not sleep yesterday, "Sun Yang felt tired of abdominal muscle" on micro-blog hot search list, Fu Yuanhui attended the "tonight" paramount, accidentally let people say "envy" reality. In the first phase of the program, Huang Xiaoming put lipstick on a nail polish play Qingdao aunt, also let people uproarious. Jia Ling in the comedy "Nemo" in a performance of a memory of the mother pieces, such as tap water users like Amway, she took out the bottom pressure of goods, "the life is only one act, every rehearsal is unable to restrain the emotions of tears". Small Yue Yue evaluation "it is not scratch you, not caught you, but slowly stab your heart". For a time, a comedy show produced by the topic seems to become a regular micro-blog hot search list, has become the talk of everyone at leisure. The third quarter of the TV screen, is almost a comedy show in the world, "The Legendary Swordsman" (Opera) "comedy story" "comedy tonight" cross king "and" paramount in sowing. This type of program may pick up and Administration for the development of original inseparable, some people think that a comedy show low threshold, small investment, do not need to spend money to buy overseas mode, and most TV stations have production base, the operation is very easy. The seemingly low threshold, really want to do a high quality comedy program is not easy, the reporter visited a number of popular comedy program behind the team, as we uncover a comedy show pain point where such simple melee and which will bring problems to the market. PART1: funny, not speak a piece as simple as everyone knows, Chinese audience love comedy show, the annual Spring Festival evening has high ratings in the language class program on 2014, there are 30 popular comedy programs get together, but less than half of the rapid cooling, the TV people have to admit that a reality – comedy may seem easy, but to create a boutique it is a huge problem. Although this year to pick up the trend, but from the reporter’s investigation to see, each a comedy show creators have increased the pressure, even last week to get applause, next week program but have not been available, the producer has a feeling to be dry. Funny comedy is not easy China soil is not fertile now comedy program is too difficult to do, not only to be funny but also creative, let the audience laugh after feeling and thinking, to create a "tear God" Hello, Li Huanying "the bowl entertainment partner and chief content officer Ji Bin said the sun. Comedy pain survey: screenwriter hollowed out actor Zhengsu not sleep Jia Ling said that this works only play a sketch by Jia Ling’s mother died as the hero of the prototype, with the way through time and space of sustenance for mother’s thoughts of love, not only let each Jia Ling rehearse a cry, Tongchangjingji Jiang Xin, Yue Yunpeng and Li Chen also moved to tears in the background, now rare to have a sketch can maxed circle of friends. Although there are fine, but comedy programs difficult to do not only feel that Sun Jibin. China’s comedy soil is not fertile, it’s not the same as the growth of foreign countries, regardless of the form of comedy or foreign stars, are coming out from the bottom, a talk show has existed for more than 100 years. Earlier Chinese people can come into contact with cultural products may only Spring Festival gala." Fruit culture CEO he xiao"相关的主题文章: