Coin market October 31st set currency view 3u8895

The money market in October 31st set currency view media sources: China coin collection 16 years online money fair coin plus passport network price is lower than the price of gold merchants bank panic buying information: International Spot gold on Monday (October 31st) morning Asian market rose slightly, temporarily trading at $1278 ounce, is once again the impact of $1280 level posture. On Friday (October 28th) the price of gold once rose around more than 1% and hit a high of nearly $1284.27 an ounce, rose to expand in late trading, after the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) said the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary for further investigation using the event private mail system. However, the United States in the three quarter of GDP to make the fed to raise interest rates during the year the reasons for the increase, limiting the rise in the price of gold. This week the market will usher in the Fed’s monetary policy meeting in November, as well as a series of heavy economic data led by the United States in October non farm payrolls, expected to lead to sharp fluctuations in the market. 16 years plus money Expo Silver passport network for around 710 yuan, the price is lower than the bank panic buying. The 150 anniversary of the birth of gold and silver coins today, the price of the larger fluctuations in the price of money in the top of the $6800, good quote to the high price of nearly 7500 yuan, a single silver in 750-770. China’s Red Army and the Red Army victory over the 80 anniversary of the volume has been reduced, the price of gold and silver coins fell to nearly $5850, a single silver coins in the $750. The G20 summit recently a small coin network currency consolidation, today the bidding in the vicinity of 5950 yuan, a single silver coin sets the price of around 1050 yuan. Tang Xianzu gold and silver coins today reported near 3550-3750, a slight fine-tuning, a single silver back to 650, a small amount of turnover. Shenyang 120 anniversary plus the word Panda Gold Coins today offer around 3600, single silver still in the vicinity of 630-650 trading, buying less. 30 grams of silver cat in the vicinity of 144.5 small transactions, 16 sets of annuity cats today in the vicinity of 16150, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat were about 8400, 4200 and 2280, 3 grams and 1 grams of gold cat were reported by 910 and 355, slightly fine-tuning. 16 years of 150 grams of silver cat near the transaction in the vicinity of the kilogram silver cat in the vicinity of 5250, turnover in general in the vicinity of the Bank of China, a total of about 1050.相关的主题文章: