Christina Norsig And Rosenthal

Home-Improvement Rosenthal, long one of Germanys most prestigious porcelain manufacturers, produces dinnerware that graces the tables of outstanding hotels and restaurants worldwide. Loft was created by the Queensbury-Hunt Design Group for the Thomas brand that falls under Rosenthals umbrella. Loft works equally well for an impromptu brunch or a celebratory dinner party and is safe for both the dishwasher and microwave. Handsomely boxed, the set is eminently suitable as a gift for the design-savvy friend or relative setting up a new kitchen or desiring a new tabletop look. This is a functional and modern collection with an abundant theme of forms – round, square, rectangle and oval. This style was designed for connoisseurs who put great emphasis on food presentation. Bold black and white patterns are popping up everywhere this summer, from swimsuits to pillows to dinnerware. Fashion designers Missoni and Kate Spade feature oversized florals in their home tabletop collections. Graphic geometrics are the theme in a line of dishes from not Neutral , a contemporary product design company, and Thomas, a more traditional porcelain china manufacturer. Even French Bull , popular for their blindingly colorful melamines, has introduced a dramatic, wallpaper-inspired style in black and white. Christina Norsig , CEO of, says this contrasting look is very modern and more versatile than you might think. Norsig suggests completing your tabletop with rich red linens for formal occasions, or accenting with citron green for a more casual feel. This contemporary design, inspired by the glitter of stars dotting the Western sky, is part of the Modern Elements collection. Glow + Radiant are designed to complement each other with pale hues of pearl pink and grey. The Blue Flower of Royal Copenhagen motif consists of one or two large and some small flowers. The main flower might be a tulip, rose, poppy, carnation, convolvulus, or marguerite. The smaller ones are usually cinquefoil, bluebell or primula together with leaves and buds. In Blue Flower braided, or osier as it was originally called, the flowers are framed by a relief border in basket weave and the lids are topped with large tulip buds. Please purchase on online .etabletop.. 相关的主题文章: