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Chengdu elderly community canteen at last ten day meal (Figure) – Beijing old elderly community canteen has become at stores Sichuan news network Chengdu October 8th news (reporter Liang Peng photo coverage) two years ago, Chengdu City, Jinniu District Wukuaishi Street Community Yu Ju an area of the elderly in order to solve the problems for lunch, a joint community Hotel, residential and hotel use channel between the shed, opened the "elderly canteen". At the beginning of the opening, the number of meals a day up to forty or fifty people. Two soup 6 yuan, very welcomed by the elderly, even other elderly also come to dinner. Recently, Mr Li to come here again, but found that the former bustling canteen is now "a deserted house", only more than and 10 people in the dining. Nevertheless, community leaders and the restaurant owner who runs the old canteen said that as long as one of them came to dinner, they would stick to it. I hope that through this project, to arouse the attention of the elderly, I hope more people to care for the elderly." Community responsible person said. Tomorrow is the festival today, the Sichuan news network of community elderly canteen "investigation. The popularity of "straight down the elderly canteen every day only more than and 10 people to dine at 1:30 this afternoon, afternoon sun, dispel some autumn cold. Even after meal, Wukuaishi station restaurants in the East West Lane, still have a few busy time because people are eating meal points. Next to an community hospital No. 1 jade Office of a restaurant owner Zhou Mingquan, just from the busy hollow his hand, holding a bowl of rice to eat up. Zhou Mingquan is Leshan Jiajiang people, began to make liquor and small restaurant business in the vicinity of the jade Temple Community Bureau 10 years ago. This restaurant is now two years ago he turned off the liquor store. Mention Zhou Mingquan’s restaurant in the jade Temple Community Council, many old people know. There is no reason for it, because many of the elderly in the community, have been in Zhou Mingquan’s restaurant to eat rice. The reason why his restaurant will have so many old people to patronize, it is because there is an Community Bureau of jade to buy food for the elderly solve difficult set love civilian canteen. Zhou Mingquan still remember the 2014 Mid Autumn Festival, the day of the opening of the grand love civilian canteen. "There were more than and 100 old people to eat that day, and the restaurant was full of people." Zhou Mingquan said, this day, 6 yuan for a lunch, went on for hundreds of copies, due to the lack of preparation, there are also two dishes plus the amount of emergency. However, this success did not last long, shortly after opening, to eat the elderly than the first day of the opening cut in half, and the number continues to eat less. "To last year’s Mid Autumn Festival, every day to eat basically only more than and 10 people." Zhou Mingquan said. Reason: some old people too far away than their own cooking expensive the remaining more than and 10 individuals, in addition to next to three or four in number 1 in the seventy or eighty year old man, and a man bought a ticket, most of them are the community of people with disabilities. The reason for the elderly to come to dinner to reduce, Zhou Mingquan believes that the main environment here is not good, especially in winter, which is not surrounded by closed, eat a little cold"相关的主题文章: