Chen Xuedong Fan Bingbing I love beautiful long hair and long hair beauty in Beijing actv

Chen Xuedong Fan Bingbing: I love beautiful long hair and long hair beauty – Beijing face the media gossip, Chen Xuedong cope quite "old driver" style. Relying on the powerful IP appeal, Guo Jingming once again directed the new "grand track" by the attention from the start, the movie will be in September 30th in the national archives, the mystery will be announced. September 28th, to call the movie promotion, play the role of "Qi zero" Chen winter in flying Dirong City, opened 12 hours Superman mode, in addition to run theaters with fans, also accepted the media interview. Although the movie talked a lot, but asked the emotional topic, old driver Chen Xuedong Tai Chi played a set of claims, said too many times, have forgotten how to say before the return to Chengdu is no stranger to the first film by real CG imagine in Chengdu, Chen Xuedong said that he is not strange, "several time! Do publicity, film. Stayed here for 105 days last year. It’s very emotional." Although so many film and television works, but Chen Xuedong bluntly this time is the most difficult to shoot CG. "It’s true. This is not the same as the other crew, we do not have to how to make up, wearing a black dress like the autumn clothing, and then to the air acting. Sometimes you can imagine in front of you is a world of waters sea, sometimes you to imagine the soul of the beast. If there is action, they will get a stick attached to a ball, that the soul of the beast, and then you have to have scenes with them." The most interesting thing is, they everyone will wear a machine, "10 days before the shooting, every day it will light up your face in your eyes, you don’t love it there. Every time you don’t mean to sweep him. So, this can’t be over. Because you can’t see the camera." As for the film, Chen Xuedong has not seen, but he revealed a friend told him that the feeling of the film is completely different from the trailer. You look at the home, with a cell phone to see, there is no way to experience the effect. It’s like I saw Afanda seven or eight times, but at home I don’t feel the same. Therefore, we must go to the cinema to see the film." I raise the revolutionary friendship because of "grand track" love long hair beauty in the film, Chen Xuedong blew with Fan Bingbing and William Chan has many scenes, "I told Bing Bing and sister William Chan opponents play more, they are particularly good, especially Bing Bing’s sister, really like a sister, take care of me. Although fans will go for us some CP, but I want to say, in fact, when filming is really going to develop some revolutionary friendship." What kind of girls are asked by the media. Chen Xuedong smiled. "Oh, this question has been asked many times, and I seem to have answered many times before, and now I can’t remember what I said before. For example, I used to think short hair girl special temperament, love is short; this time with Bing Bing’s sister, her long hair is beautiful, and I love long hair beauty!" Since the time of small, this is the fifth time that Chen Xuedong has worked with Guo Jingming. "We are very happy. For the first time, there was no such thing as a director. Xiao相关的主题文章: