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Chen Meng: and the French partner can communicate only gestures on the field basically no communication with the French news agency Chen dream partner Lebesson in April 27 Suzhou Xinhua (reporter Wang Xi) 2015 World Table Tennis Championships [micro-blog] 27 evening launched a mixed race to compete. Chen dream [micro-blog] and French player Lebesson’s transnational combination, two consecutive 4:0 were easily defeated opponents, became a highlight of the day. Xu Xin (micro-blog) and the Korean girl Liang Liang composed of another multinational combination, also with two 4:0 swept opponents. By contrast, Wu Yang and Yan An won more difficult, they have won the game with 4:3, 4:2, the next round will encounter Chen Meng and Lebesson. It is worth mentioning that this is following the 1995 Tianjin World Championships, transnational combination again after a lapse of 20 years in the World Table Tennis Championships arena. Guoping head coach and coach Liu Guoliang said, the greatest significance of transnational pairing is not the result, but in the process of. China’s monopoly advantage does not exist, and it is closer to the level of other competitors. When you see the opportunity, other players will try to improve their strength and make the game more likely." According to the women’s team coach Kong Linghui, and foreign players participated in the doubles match, China is better for table tennis table tennis to the global promotion. But from the mixed doubles draw results, several China players meet earlier, will most likely lead to this kindness is to live, will inevitably make people feel pity. But Kong Linghui promised, even if this will not sacrifice the spirit of sports: "fair play, will not let the ball, the players must go all out to spell."." On the part of the players, Xu Xin feels new about this combination. He said he had practiced a few times with Liang Ying Xia, also have a certain understanding each other. He said, "Korean girls are more stable today." as long as she can have such a situation, I have the confidence to go on." Chen Meng said, she and French partner match imagination better, two people can make the convergence of the game faster. Not only that, but the French gentleman’s demeanor also impressed her. Not because of the women’s singles and doubles competitions, Chen Meng said, she was ready to devote all your energy to the mixed doubles competition, "with the foreign partner pairing is the first time, is also a new challenge, if we can get a medal that is the best." But she admits that because of language problems, she and Lebesson basically can only rely on gesture exchange, "there is no communication on the field, mainly rely on the game intermittent coach arrangement."." For Chinese team members and other countries of the multinational combination, Liu Guoliang said, doubles game variables, especially in adversity, the tacit understanding of the degree of cooperation is crucial. "This requires foreign players can not rely on Chinese athletes, but Chinese players should better stimulate the strength of their peers, so that they believe in themselves, lay down the burden."

陈梦:和法国搭档交流只能比划 场上基本没沟通 陈梦与法国搭档莱贝松   中新社苏州4月27日电 (记者 王曦)2015年世界乒乓球[微博]锦标赛27日晚间展开混双正赛争夺。陈梦[微博]与法国选手莱贝松的跨国组合,连续两场均以4:0轻松战胜对手,成为当日一大亮点。   许昕[微博]与韩国姑娘梁夏银组成的另外一对跨国组合,同样以两场4:0横扫对手。与之相比,武杨、闫安则赢得比较艰难,他们先后以4:3、4:2赢下比赛,下一轮将遭遇陈梦和莱贝松。   值得一提的是,这是继1995年天津世乒赛之后,跨国组合时隔20年再次出现在世乒赛赛场上。   国乒总教练兼男队主教练刘国梁说,跨国配对的最大意义不在于结果,而在于过程。“中国的垄断优势不存在了,和其他选手之间的水平更接近。看到机会,其他选手才会努力增强实力,让比赛拥有更多可能性。”   据女队主教练孔令辉介绍,和外国选手共同参加双打比赛,是中国乒协为更好地将乒乓球向全球推广。只不过从混双抽签结果来看,几名中国选手的过早相遇,将极有可能导致这番好意被“辜负”,难免令人感到可惜。但孔令辉承诺,即使这样也不会去牺牲体育精神:“就去公平地打,不会让球,队员们必须全力以赴去拼。”   队员方面,许昕对于这种组合感到比较新奇。他说,自己已经与梁夏银练习过几次,彼此间也有了一定了解。他说,今天韩国姑娘的发挥更加稳定,“她只要能有这样的状态,我就有信心一直走下去。”   陈梦说,她和法国搭档的配合比想象要好一些,两人的衔接能够让比赛节奏变得快起来。不光如此,法国小伙子的绅士风度,同样让她印象颇深。由于此次没有女单和女双比赛任务,陈梦说,她准备把全部精力投入到混双比赛中,“跟外国搭档配对是第一次,也是全新的挑战,如果能够拿到奖牌那是最好了。”但她坦承,由于语言问题,她和莱贝松目前基本只能靠手势交流,“场上没有什么沟通,主要还是依赖比赛间歇教练的布置。”   对于中国队队员与其他国家选手的跨国组合,刘国梁说,双打比赛的变数较大,尤其是处于逆境时,配合的默契程度至关重要。“这就要求外国选手不能对中国选手有依赖心理,而中国选手则要更好地激发同伴的实力,让他们相信自己,放下包袱。”相关的主题文章: