Buy a house in the end how much money can finally make it clear jiuyaogan

Buy a house in the end how much money can finally make it clear in China, to determine the standard of the rich, the first impression is certainly to see where he has many suites. Star money to invest in real estate, the hands of the rich aunt also invest in real estate, the real estate industry will still choose to invest in real estate. In the high prices, the growing shortage of housing in Beijing, where to buy, buy what kind of room has become a matter of concern for these investment passengers. With the continuous rise in prices, bank interest rates are low, the money in the presence of the bank continued to depreciate, becoming increasingly worthless. Let people who have a vision of investment began to transfer money to other channels, with money to make money. However, they have to face the reality of the situation, in 2016 the stock market plummeted, investment in gold, oil, funds, high-yield and high risk coexist. Relatively speaking, investment property is a hedge, appreciation of investment. However, since it is investment, we have to consider the property market to buy a house now do not make money? The same amount of money to buy bank financing, or bank deposits into the stock market has a rate of return on investment, the financial 360 Jun today to help you calculate the mortgage real estate investment return. What is the rate of return on investment for many people, the real estate investment rate of return is a relatively vague concept, someone said, I bought a house rental, rent a year divided by the total 1629 is the rate of return on investment; others think that prices a year how much growth, real estate appreciation of how much it is the real estate investment returns. These cannot be said to be wrong, but too one-sided, popular terms, investment return rate is within a certain period, the investment cash income accounted for the proportion of cash investment, simple to understand is that investment income rate is how much. For now, the return on investment in real estate is divided into two kinds, one is called the return on cash investment, the other is called the return on investment. On the other hand, according to the different ways of housing, real estate investment return algorithm is not the same, so the mortgage financing 360 Jun for convenient calculation, the program is divided into the following three situations: first, the whole of the purchase, cash return on investment; second, the full amount of the purchase value, increase the rate of return on investment; third, down 3, a cash return on investment loans under the rate of return on investment and value-added. Finally, we are currently the most real estate in Tongzhou, Beijing, for example, to calculate the rate of return on investment in the three cases. According to the Chinese Index Research Institute data show that Tongzhou’s current real estate price is 37300 yuan, if it is a set of near the subway, in the area of 80 square meters of the two bedroom, according to the 58 city data show that the rent is about 4000 January (property, heating and other costs). First, the whole of the purchase. Cash return on investment income = total rent rent rent income investment income =4000*12=48000 yuan cash return on investment =48000÷ (37300*80) =1.61% through the calculation, we can see that the rate of return is only more than a year bank deposit interest rate of 1.5% a little higher, but not in our calculations such as the property management fee. Heating costs and other rental into.相关的主题文章: