BMW car driver in the police emergency fire was sudden spontaneous combustion sorpack

BMW car driver in the police emergency fire burst spontaneous combustion was 13 in the afternoon, Zhuxi a BMW car on the road suddenly spontaneous combustion, a smoke hood out along the gap. When the driver was at a loss, a police patrol to the incident after the discovery of the situation, borrowed from the nearby merchants fire extinguishers, fire will soon put out. 13 at 16:30 Xu, Zhuxi County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron police are stepping on the county patrol duty. When the police patrol to the door county Department of transportation, suddenly found parked across the street and a silver BMW sedan, a gap saw smoke from the engine cover off, but more concentrated. Car driver standing beside the car in a daze, seemed overwhelmed. "No, the car is on fire." Two police seeing this, quickly ran into the vicinity of the Agricultural Bank of China branch hall borrowed a fire extinguisher, the car ignition parts of the jet, will soon fire disposal. According to the owner introduced, when he drove the vehicle to drive, the car suddenly issued a warning sound, and then saw a smoke from the hood gap, he immediately parked on the roadside. Seeing the smoke more and more, I do not know how to deal with. As a result of the fire in time, the car did not suffer greater damage. At present, the cause of spontaneous combustion is further determined. (reporter Li Ruiping)相关的主题文章: