Blue, thin, letinous edodes… Jay Chou heard his song at the toll booth homefront

Blue, thin, letinous edodes… Jay Chou did one toll station to hear your song Jay Chou posting screenshots entertainment Jay Chou debut 10 years, rarely personally on community website updates, days before the start of the identity in face book issued recently, playfully upload multiple photos testing pictures, to guess which of his fans a song. With the fans closer to the distance between the 23 day; he once again issued a document share first in the toll station to hear their songs mood, a lively discussion users. Jay Chou (information) Jay Chou 23 in face book upload a picture in the film, although he did not see himself into the mirror, the ear has heard the familiar voice, the original 2004 is included in the "seven incense" album "excuse" this song, he is happy that this is the first time in the toll station hear my song, in addition to the lens and out of the car, and stood in the toll booth toll, the picture was empty, "nobody collocation picture, how a thin blue letinous edodes MV atmosphere?!" After the video upload, many fans have a message said, "your song is really where will broadcast Oh", "outside really can often hear your song", even after 12 years, the song still Naiting, more fans are surprised, even with the upper line of super Jay Chou actually, even the blue thin letinous edodes stem know ", shocked many fans, but also attracted some netizens ridicule, he said," there are still Kunling blue thin ", caused uproar on the internet.相关的主题文章: