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Jewelry-Diamonds Picture this; a bride spends months searching through magazines and visiting all reachable bridal boutiques to find her perfect dress. When she finds the wedding dress of her dreams that forms part of the fairytale look she has been dreaming of since childhood, her attention turns to the bridal accessories which will .plete her look. It is a wonder why a plush wedding shop selling dream designer gowns for over 1000 will then proceed to offer tacky, cheap, mass-produced diamonte accessories for under 50. It’s bewildering as there is a good selection of high quality handmade wedding jewellery and tiaras on the market today but, they do naturally .e with a price tag attached which portrays the materials used such as real freshwater pearls and gorgeous Swarovski crystals and the time a jewellery designer has taken to achieve a unique and individual piece for the discerning bride. It leaves one to believe that the only reason this diamonte wedding jewellery is widely available today is because it is cheap to buy in at heavily discounted wholesale prices and allows for a retailer to achieve a higher mark-up and more profitable sale. However, does this cater for what a bride really wants? Would you buy a gorgeous designer wedding dress only to accessorise it with cheap glitz? Probably not. In our experience, we have been designing and making bridal accessories since 2003, a bride is looking for something beautiful, something different, something that sparkles beautifully , something that onlookers will .pliment, something that not every other bride has worn before and something that is still within her budget. Lisa Matthews Jewellery makes gorgeous wedding jewellery and bridal accessories for brides who are looking for something a little bit different and little more special. Our latest bridal jewellery and tiara collection includes over 100 designs of crystal wedding necklaces, crystal bracelets and matching crystal earrings which are made to order and can be adapted to a brides individual style and colour theme. We also have a stunning array of freshwater pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and pearl earrings .bining prestigious shapes such as diamond pearls and button pearls. We have classic multi-strand pearl necklace designs for our more flamboyant brides and we offer simple, delicate and pretty wedding jewellery for brides who want to add a touch of sparkle to their wedding day, we even have jewellery suitable for a beach wedding. All wedding jewellery designs have matching tiaras available to .plete the look. Lisa Matthews jewellery has something for every bride and every budget but, if it’s mass produced and cheap diamonte jewellery you are looking for then this exclusive brand is not the place to shop. For a unique experience in shopping for exclusive wedding jewellery and tiaras which are affordable, gorgeous and high quality, the more discerning bride should visit Lisa Matthews Jewellery. Lisa Matthews Jewellery will not .promise on quality and only offers bridal jewellery made with genuine freshwater pearls and real Swarovski crystals, we don’t offer bling, we offer the real thing! For more information, please visit this articles web page. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: