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College-University Popularly known as the Harvard of the Hill’; the .munity college – Berkshire – is situated in Pittsfield , Massachusetts , United States of America . It was set up in 1960 by the .monwealth of Massachusetts , and also has a branch in Great Barrington. With numerous associate degrees, online degrees and certificate programs, the institute offers plenty of education opportunities to the students all over the world. Degrees and Programs There are 12 certificate programs, 35 associate degrees and 44 plus academic programs available in the college. In addition to an associate degree, the institute also offers a transfer program to smoothen the transit of students to other colleges, if desired. The associate degrees are provided in arts, applied science, business administration, biology, .puter information systems, criminal justice, environmental science, foreign languages, hospitality services and performing arts. The distance education department offers online education through a wide range of online courses, web-enhanced courses, hybrid courses and video-conferencing based courses. There are f oundation courses and general education courses for the nursing students. One year or even shorter certificate programs attend to students willing to increase employment opportunities in less time. Library The library opened in 1960, occupied the present campus position, in 1972. It is named after the noted author Jonathan Edwards. Apart from a vast collection of journals, newspapers, books, CDs, DVDs and magazines; the library aids the research conducted in the college. In addition to this, there are orientation programs available for the interested students. The library maintains an official website too. Other Important Bodies The environment lovers have formed the Environment Conservation Club, Diversity Club, G.I.R.O. (Global Issues Resource Organization) to enhance the environment awareness and conservation of natural resources. All these bodies have 2400 plus students as members, .ing from 20 plus countries, to study in Berkshire .munity College . Students are quite .fortable in the campus due to the other facilities available in the campus of Berkshire like ATM, bookstore, daycare, fitness center and a canteen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: