Beijing Xicheng District to build a large public welfare platform ” love in Xicheng ”

Beijing Xicheng District to build the capital of a large public platform in the western city of " " love; awards ceremony – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Beijing Xicheng District to build the capital of a large public platform in the western city of " " love; Awards 2008 "love in the west" ceremony. In order to carry forward the social righteousness and promote the rapid development of Xicheng District public welfare undertakings, in 2008, Beijing Xicheng District Beijing successfully held the first "love in Xicheng" award ceremony in the Mei Lanfang Grand Theater, so far it has held five consecutive sessions. "Love in the west" award ceremony is sponsored by the Xicheng District, Beijing district government, the District Red Cross Joint District Civil Affairs Bureau and other units jointly undertake the annual public praise event. The goal is to carry forward the example force, sing the humanitarian culture, build public service brand. The Red Cross to carry forward the "humanity, fraternity and dedication" spirit, through public innovation, public culture, public welfare, public welfare, example results show the relay "full emerged in the humanitarian field of charity" people living close to the practice of social responsibility, abide by the occupation spirit, highlighting the power of humanity, leading the public morality "love people love and business, with their charity of the heart, charity and the example of the power of influence and attract more and more people involved. "Love in Xicheng" awards ceremony in 2011. Beijing Xicheng District Red Cross has issued to the society "hematopoietic stem cell donation Volunteer Recruitment", "donate love — office waste and waste of campus environmental public interest" and "angel dream — pray flower blossom", "one yuan, hundred love – let love on campus" and "corporate citizen Public Partnership Act" and a number of public projects, has been widespread concern in society. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)

北京西城区打造京城大型公益平台"爱在西城"颁奖盛典–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:北京西城区打造京城大型公益平台"爱在西城"颁奖盛典   2008年的“爱在西城”颁奖典礼。   为弘扬社会正气,推动北京市西城区公益事业快速发展,2008年,北京市西城区在梅兰芳大剧院成功举办了第一届“爱在西城”颁奖典礼以来,至今已连续举办了五届。   “爱在西城”颁奖典礼是由北京市西城区委区政府主办,区红十字会联合区民政局等单位共同承办的全区性的年度公益表彰盛会。目标是弘扬榜样力量,唱响人道文化,打造公益品牌。弘扬红十字“人道、博爱、奉献”的精神,通过“公益创新、公益文化、公益榜样、公益成果、公益接力”充分挖掘展示在人道公益慈善领域涌现出的“贴近百姓生活、践行社会责任、恪守职业精神、彰显人道力量、引领公益风尚”的爱心人士和爱心企业,用他们的公益之心、慈善之举和榜样力量影响和吸引越来越多的人参与其中。   2011年的“爱在西城”颁奖典礼。   北京市西城区红十字会先后向社会发布了“造血干细胞捐献志愿者招募”、“捐废献爱――机关办公室及校园变废为宝环保公益”、“天使圆梦――祈愿花蕾朵朵绽放”、“一元钱,百份爱――让爱心点亮校园”以及“企业公民公益伙伴行动”等一批公益项目,受到了社会的广泛关注。 (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章: