Beijing Rouge player Zhao Liying showed rosy agents skill – oboni

"Rouge" player Zhao Liying show rosy agents "skill" – Beijing, Beijing, September 30, recently, the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" premiered at Iqiyi, on line three set playback volume exceeded 100 million. The play directed by Xu Jizhou, Zhao Liying, starring Lu Yi, tells the story of blue Rouge by rookie agents grow into elite soldiers story. "Rouge" will transfer positive energy to the end, rookie agent for the national cause and growth, struggle, compact plot rhythm and often witty, coupled with the popular flowers Zhao Liying, actor Lu Yi’s portrait of interpretation, the "rouge" rapid rise to the highest point of the hit series. The update of the story, Lu Yi plays Zhou Yuhao risked identity exposed executive leadership arrangements for the task, has not played with Zhao Liying blue Rouge met, the high color value and high child heart, high force value of the "three high" CP follow-up two brief encounter, the emotion to let friends look forward to. "Rouge", Zhao Liying characters cute and funny perfect show, in addition to show the genius agent God in a variety of skills, while Yuan Wenkang’s cold pressed agent "Song mian" is like himself, then let him write the word with concealed lemonade, and the training is "I love blue Rouge". Blue Rouge bold and straightforward character, let the song Mian cry.相关的主题文章: