Autumn night the streets warm scene (video)

The streets a warm autumn night newspaper news (Shenyang daily, Shenyang network reporter Liu Ni) 86 year old man accidentally fell, passers-by did not choose silence, but have a helping hand, October 24th at 7 pm, Shenyang Heping District eleven south latitude six street, staged warm scene. Ye ye fell, worried that he might fracture, passers-by are not easy to move. Upon inquiry, the leaves uncle said the family lives in Barcelona District, is the public Mr. Lan’s family also live in the area, so he took the initiative to contact the residential property to the old man said his wife to find the address, but found that there was not the old man’s home, the elderly may be confused, remember the wrong number. Passers by according to the numbers provided by Ye Ye Ye successfully contacted his son, while waiting for the arrival of the son of the big uncle, Mr. LAN and another passerby door call, call 120 ambulance. After the ambulance arrived, emergency personnel carefully put the old man on the ambulance, sent to the hospital. This reporter has learned that Mr. Lan’s name is Lan Jian, was passing here to go to the 202 Hospital, while his daughter is in hospital. Turning to their own behavior, LAN Jian said that their parents are more than and 60 years old, I help others, when there is a need, others also help my parents, this is not a harmonious society". Another door is enthusiastic Mr. Chen call, through here. As there is no fear of being falsely thought, Mr. blue calm, help you, did not think so much. Westbrook thunder’s wolves "helping others"相关的主题文章: