At home and abroad, Yao Yao cellular world to celebrate the Panwang Festival – in Beijing candy boy

At home and abroad, "Yao Yao cellular world" to celebrate the news agency of the new network in Guangxi in November 15 guests – Wang Xinhua (Lin Xin) thousands of people dressed in costumes Yao way singing and dancing colorful, exquisite silver ear ringing sound…… November 14th to 16, "China Jinxiu – World Yao 2016 Panwang Festival" held in Guangxi Yao Autonomous County of Jinxiu, presenting an original Yao feast for guests at home and abroad. On the morning of 15, a 10 meters high near Yao Wang set Jin Xiuyao ancestors statue in the square opening. From the United States, Laos, Vietnam and China, Hunan, Guangdong and other places thousands of overseas Chinese and German gathered together to participate in the worship of the king dish ceremony. The scene played Long Sheng Yue, the local people dressed in national costumes Yao characteristics spontaneously organized "jump disc king", Wang set for Hefu prayer. According to legend, King Pan is the ancestors of the Yao, in the 16th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, make contributions, after every day, at home and abroad have held a celebration of Yao descendants of King pan. "Sacrifice dish king" ceremony was also included in the national intangible cultural heritage. "This is the first time I came back to find a lot of Yao Wang, relatives." Came from the United States to attend the Panwang Festival Disc High German excitedly said, the trip to China roots. "Come back, see Yao’s origin and cultural heritage is still very good, the heart is very happy." High Germany said in the United States, Yao is also very aware of their national cultural heritage, most at home to speak words to keep Yao, Yao people’s eating habits. He is looking forward to the "Panwang Festival" and more Yao cellular communication study, in order to better inherit the culture of the Yao nationality. "In Laos, not held such a grand and grand Panwang festival." Yao from Laos, said Zhao Jintian, after returning to the hope that more folk activities in laos. According to reports, this year during the Panwang festival activities in Guangxi, Jinxiu will also hold a "Yao Yunshen card" theme party, Yao Yao embroidery, song and dance performances show, Yao Yao medicine experience more than 10 characteristics of folk theme activities. Guangxi Yao Autonomous County of Jinxiu is the first established China Yao Autonomous County, the county has PanYao, Cha Shanyao, Yao, Yao Zi Ao, Hualanyao five Yao branch, is the world’s largest branches, Yao Yao traditional culture preservation complete Yao Autonomous County, known as "the world is yao". Jinxiu county Party committee secretary Wei Debin said, "let the Panwang Festival" held at home and abroad have the opportunity to Yao cellular together, to enhance the cohesion and cultural exchanges of the Yao nationality. At the same time, to further promote the development of Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County of national cultural tourism and related industries, and gradually formed a good situation of culture of the stage, singing tourism, people’s income and help out of poverty, accelerate the pace of poverty county. (end)相关的主题文章: